Phytolacca Ointments

We developed three different Jones-type phytolacca cerates [as described in my book on page 113] for swollen lymph nodes and surgery scars. Jones used this product for patients who had recurrences in the scar tissue after having had surgery. We do not know yet how effective the ointment is, but the only way to find this out is to have some people try it.

Compound Cerate Belladonna

The ointment contains belladonna, phytolacca, and arnica in a base of apricot kernel oil and beeswax. It also contains three essential oils. It needs to be applied to the skin directly over the swollen nodes or surgery incision scar. In most cases, it will need to be used for many months. It used not be used at all on broken or open skin.

Jones said that the ointment is absorbent and can be rubbed into the skin and applied to a cloth and placed over the knotty area. He often used it in conjunction with homeopathic Calcarea flouride, 6x. He sometimes also used this together with a tincture made from goldenseal, hemlock, and poke root. We do not produce this formula, but have instead developed Indigo Drops for somewhat broader use.

We make this ointment in two forms: a somewhat stiff form called "cerate" and one with much less beeswax called Belladonna Cream. We also make a product called Phytolacca Cerate that is similar but unlike the Jones formula, it is made from roots rather than leaves. It is gentler. Because it does not contain arnica, it is not necessary that one is quite as careful about fissures in the skin.

One patient reported that after only ten days of use of this ointment on a mass over her clavicle that her doctor was no longer able to find any trace of the tumor. She is not applying the ointment to other masses.

We suggest that this ointment be used in conjunction with lymphatic drainage tinctures and/or teas that help the movement of lymph.


Phytolacca Ointment

Indigo Drops

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