Cancer Salves:
A Botanical Approach to Treatment

My book on botanical escharotic treatments of cancer evolved from fairly simple notes based on the experiences of the people who make the products and a few historic sources. Eventually, I found the time to pursue fairly extensive research on the most prominent doctors who used escharotics in their practices, dating back to the 17th century. I also collected dozens of formulae and listened to the stories of many people who used the salves successfully, including medical doctors who used the black and yellow salves on recurrences of their own breast cancers.

The introductory section on the history of the salves is followed by a discussion of the various escharotic approaches—there are many—and my own sense as to how and why the salves work as they do. Then, there are some testimonials, some historic, some modern, and a few case histories, again some older and some more recent.

Besides presenting a fairly comprehensive overview of the salves, I address the major frustrations faced by patients who attempt to use the salve without supervision from a health care professional. The primary issue is how to interpret the dramatic changes occurring at the treatment site. To aid patients, I have added color pictures and diagrams. I also offer some suggestions that may reduce the pain and scarring normally accompanying the use of bloodroot pastes.

The book contains material useful to medical herbalists and health care professionals who might want to become more familiar with this treatment. There is a brief discussion of some of the properties of the major herbs used in cancer treatment. There are also nearly 100 recipes, my gift, and hopefully the end of greed surrounding the use of formulae by individuals who considered themselves rather than humanity.

My personal philosophy of healing can be found interspersed throughout the book and heavily on this site. More importantly, the book contains three different sets of instructions for use of escharotics, for bandaging, and for poulticing the treatment sites, each based on the methods of the practitioners advocating the particular strategies. The book is extremely thorough, cautious, and hopefully helpful both to those seeking relief for their conditions as well as practitioners searching for meaningful options for the cancer dilemma.


What's in the book that is not on this web site:

Testimonials and Case Histories
More Depth
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