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Case history #1 shows escharotic use in an undiagnosed situation. It is typical of the type of response that is possible when a mass is detected early and skillfully treated by a relatively well-informed lay practitioner. Though growths differ enormously as do pastes and responses, this case history is useful because it shows what is possible when a condition is treated fairly early and with resolve.

These pictures were sent by a patient with a history of breast lumps, undiagnosed. She used a salve she made up herself based on information received from several different persons. The first picture shows a mass that dropped out onto the poultice when the dressing was removed. The picture was taken on the ninth day of treatment. She discharged a fair number (more than a dozen) of these masses, many of them larger than the one shown.

According to an immunologist who looked at these pictures, the masses were precancerous.

Have no fear, the treatment sites heal up magnificently!

Day 29.gif (7015 bytes)

Picture taken on day 29.

I got a letter from her mother saying that her family would never be able to repay me for my help—but they have because I rejoice in these happy endings. For the record, I have stayed in touch with the family. It has been a number of years since the daughter used this process. She has gone on to study naturopathy.


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