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This site has grown from 13 pages to more than 460 pages plus four bulletin boards and three sister sites: ;; and It is now organized into sections, some of which can be easily entered by clicking on the categories on the navigation bar at the top of each page. On each page, there is a link to the next page, making systematic exploration of the site easier for you. There is also a search feature that allows you to look for specific subjects on this as well as as Cancer Checklist and Cancer Plants.

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A Message to Patients

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Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment




Each section starts with a table of contents showing what you will find in that section.

In this section, I share background information on Cancer Salves, external treatments with a rich and fascinating history. I will explain how I first became acquainted the method, why I started the site, and my present mission. I also describe the success rate and present an extremely balanced list of pros and cons that will help narrow options for those considering alternative methods or adjunctive methods that can be used in conjunction with conventional protocols.

Here, I introduce myself, some conditions I have faced in my own life, and my beliefs about health and healing. I also discuss my work and how I choose to participate in the healing experiences of others as well as my availability for seminars that allow me to share what I have learned with others.


In this section, you will be introduced to the book and have an opportunity to read reviews that have been posted on the Internet as well as in magazines.


When people are first told they have cancer, they are very seldom aware that a successful outcome may depend as much on actions a patient can undertake on his or her own as on the specific protocol proposed by the oncologist. There is signficant research indicating, for instance, that women who are happy in their marriages and men who like their work have twice the survival time as those who are unhappy. Likewise, certain diets may aggravate the tendency towards disease whereas some food may actually have anti-cancer properties. Many people have never considered psychological or spiritual factors that may play a crucial part in wellness. This section contains a partial checklist that patients can consult to see if there is more they could be doing to optimize their healing.


 Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has faithfully reproduced some of the herbal remedies researched for the book, Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment. These products are available to those who wish to explore them with the understanding that no claims are being made for their efficacy, merely for their authenticity as historic remedies. Each product is discussed with somewhat more thoroughness than is commonly seen on the web but not the depth of a seminar on herbal medicine.

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary

The products and information presented on this site are made available as a spiritual service, in fulfillment of a vow taken to relieve suffering wherever it is found. The commitment is to quality and integrity. The background of Sacred Medicine Sanctuary and Sacred Service Trust as well as information on how to participate in and support research can be found in this section.

Questions and Answers

There are three bulletin boards related to this site. The pages that used to have the questions from e-mails have been transferred to a bulletin board. There is another board within the patient sharing subdirectory that is available to patients who simply want to share with each other. Practitioners are not permitted access to this area. There is a third board on that is reserved for practitioners and patients are not permitted there. This gives everyone an opportunity to express what each wishes. All the boards are monitored for discretion and sometimes edited or deleted when inappropriate language is used (actually this has never happened, but the prerogative exists.)


As it sounds, this section contains articles of potential interest to patients, sometimes written by myself and sometimes reprinted. For instance, there is a reprint of an article on microwaving that has been very popular, certainly one of the more visited pages on this site. There are also articles I have written that address current issues, such as the media attention to mistletoe and Iscador due to the announcement by Suzanne Somers that she has chosen this route. There are also articles where I give myself complete editorial license to comment on such things as quality control and standardization within the herbal industry, issues seldom understood by the public, or where I am completely philosophical and speak on the relationship between physical health and psychological and spiritual well-being.

Case Histories

This is a disappointingly small section, but it's interesting. I moved most of the case histories to because I do not want to appear to be posting testimonials nor promoting a treatment. I simply want people to see enough to realize that cancer salves are a serious approach to treatment . . . and not for everyone but surely for some. The book has more pictures as well as all the instructions needed to carry out the treatment.


The newest area of the site and surely one that will grow fast. Over the years, I have been repeatedly asked by persons of all different dietary habits and every which stage of cancer what to eat. I was working on a cookbook, but after years of labor, the material was taken from my home and I was too dejected to resume work on it. You can help me by posting questions on the bulletin board!


This is exactly what it says it is. To be listed here, there must be confidence in the material presented on the linked site. Most linked sites must either have an impeccable reputation or be 100% informational and non-profit.

Cancer Organizations

This is a potentially important part of the site, the place where clinics and hospitals as well as non-profit organizations providing information or sponsoring research can be networked.


Products are available by fax, phone, mail, or online. Many people want to ask questions about products before making a decision. Please ask your health care practitioner to contact me. I will then set up a time for a teleconference with your practitioner to explain what he or she needs to know about the products. No such decisions are ever simple. They require a proper understanding of the uniqueness of each situation so I have chosen only to work with those who are supervising the treatment. I do not charge for this service, but it is limited to health care professionals.

There is a catalog of books and tapes on this site as well as a list of products produced for Sacred Medicine Sanctuary. There are instant order buttons within the site to make ordering easier for those who like the efficiency. There is also an online store that can be entered by clicking on the button to the right of the navigation arrows at the bottom of each page. Adjunctive products, such as those that aid digestion and elimination or immunity; regenerative tonics; and close-outs of one of kind or other products that are no longer being restocked are available in the store.


Letter to Patients



Letter to Patients


Much of the material on this site is historic or ethnobotanical in origin. The information presented is not intended to replace the services of a qualified health care professional. All products discussed on this site are best used under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

We encourage patients and their friends and family to avail themselves of the information found on the Internet and to share their discoveries with their primary care practitioners. If there are questions about the suitability of a product or strategy, please have your practitioner contact the web hostess.

We are interested in feedback, clinical data, suggestions, and proposals for research and product development. While we naturally hope for the happiest outcome in all situations, the authors of this web site, webmaster, server, publishers, and Sacred Medicine Sanctuary are not responsible for the success, failure, side effects, or outcome of the use of any of the information or healing strategies described on this site.


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