Throughout history, most experts in natural healing regarded cancer as a systemic condition that should be treated internally with tonics and externally with salves, pastes, and poultices. Thus far, we have re-created three of the syrups used historically: the scrophularia and phytolacca of Eli G. Jones, MD, and the much more famous trifolium compound used by Eclectic physicians, Harry Hoxsey, Chief Sundance, and Dr. John Christopher.

In order to maintain the highest quality standards, these syrups are produced in small batches in a small but excellent laboratory. Our purpose is to provide products that have been widely regarded as effective in order to determine what works and for whom—and, we are, of course, evaluating the claims made by some of the foremost curers of cancer of times past.

The recipes for these products are in my book. The ingredients are on the label. There are no secrets. These are historic products, faithfully re-created, using traditional processing methods rather than state of the art modern technology. Wherever possible, fresh plant material is used rather than dry herbs. Every effort is made to rely as much as possible from sustainable sources. We use organically grown or consciously wildcrafted herbs except for an occasional ingredient that is almost impossible to find except through import channels.

Because we try to use mainly fresh herbs, we cannot suddenly increase production. We must work with Nature. Each plant is harvested at the peak of its potency. This moment varies according to the plant and part of the plant used so some roots may not be gathered until late Autumn, meaning that the first batch may not be ready until early the following year. From start to finish, there is loving attention to detail and constant awareness that the plants are going to be used by people who are facing serious life issues.

While we recognize that the products may appear expensive, they truly are not similar to other products on the market that may seem the same. They are potent, historic replicas of traditional herbal remedies that we do not believe the average person could make on his or her own, even though the recipes are available.


Some Helpful Definitions

Syrup: A syrup is a sweet liquid that is generally soothing and used to relieve conditions of deficiency. It is usually so safe and easy to assimilate that it is the preferred method of delivery for children and the elderly. We use honey as the sweetener and preservative.

Tonic: A tonic can be anything that is taken to strengthen the body. Tonics are recommended for convalescing, for deficiency conditions of any type, and for any chronic conditions where the underlying causes have not been addressed. Historically, tonics played a very important role in medicine. They were given to patients with congenital weaknesses, weaknesses that occurred as a direct consequence of disease, and weaknesses brought about by the trauma of treatment. As such, tonics could play a major role in protecting patients from the side effects of conventional treatments and restoring organ and tissue damage. For instance, if someone were undergoing chemotherapy, a tonic to minimize damage to the heart and liver would be realistic and would probably not compromise the cytotoxic objectives of chemotherapy.

Elixir: Elixir is a word that conjures up images of Wild West medicine shows and purveyors of cure alls, but technically, an elixir is made through a complicated process of "rectifying alcohol" by taking a 190 proof alcohol and further distilling it at 78°F and repeating this process seven times until the alcohol is rendered non-poisonous and free of water. This is an alchemical definition.

In reality, most elixirs are herbal extracts containing both alcohol and water. Usually wine is used; and because of the nature of these concoctions, they have to be refrigerated after opening. Hildegard of Bingen and others throughout history used this kind of "elixir" or a variation of it. The word "elixir" almost always is used in conjunction with some spiritual belief regarding the potency of the medicine, the rituals to be performed when making the product and consuming it, and perhaps also some astrological timing factors that potentize the medicinal qualities of the elixir.

The purpose of using both alcohol and water preparations is to extract both the alcohol- and water-soluble parts of the herbs. In other words, a tea is entirely different from an elixir in that only the water soluble parts of the plant are used.

It is important for me that persons who want to try these formulas share their experiences. Only by cooperating in the efforts to study the efficacy of the various historic treatments can we evaluate the relevancy of historic remedies in the context of the modern world.


Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment




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