Indigo Drops

Most lymphatic draining products use anti-infective herbs such as echinacea and many supportive herbs such as red root and stillingia. I tried to develop something specifically for cancer patients. Over the years, I have met many persons who suffer from agonizing lymphatic swelling. I suggested to many such patients that they consult a massage therapist trained in the Vodder method of manual lymphatic drainage. At the highest level of training, techniques are taught that are specific for patients who have had lymph nodes removed and who suffer from lymphedema. While I believe that this sort of therapy is necessary for people in truly desperate circumstances, I feel that those with far less acute symptoms can expect significant relief through careful choices of herbs and correct diet.

Many of the products offered by Sacred Medicine Sanctuary have been developed in response to complaints of patients. The fact that enthusiasm for Indigo Drops was immediate and dramatic suggests to me that many patients have infections. Certainly, it is obvious that lymphatic blockage would be severe where lymph nodes have been removed, but other people are in tact and yet have swelling.

Theories and Observations

There are many theories surrounding lymphatic swelling. One is that cancer metastasizes to the adjacent lymph nodes. Some people do not subscribe to this theory at all. They believe that the nodes are doing exactly what they are charged to do: filtering the debris in the system. Still others believe that cancer is nearly always preceded by infections that compromise the immune response to cancer. According to this school of thought, the immune system will not address cancer so long as there is infection in the body. This makes sense to the extent that the body has infinite wisdom and would identify the infectious organisms as foreign and dangerous and the cancer as part of the host's own body.

Given that the infection and cancer probably thrive on the same nutrients, this theory has a lot of appeal, but it is one of many . . . and cancer is at least 300 different conditions so why would one theory be right in all circumstances?

n any event, people respond extremely well to this formula which tells me that infection is the main problem and possibly the cause of the burden on the lymphatic system. I developed the formula after much study, research, and experience working with patients. From my colleagues who practice the Vodder Method, I came to realize that their work would be made easier if I could offer something that would promote faster lymphatic movement and open the channels in which the lymph has to drain. For this, I made a tea with cleavers and many wonderfully aromatic spices: ginger, galangal, star anise, cardamom, cloves, black pepper . . .

Though very helpful, this tea only moderately addresses infection (and it doesn't address the possibility of parasitic infection much either.) So, I created a formula that was very specific for cancer patients, rather than people with some bacterial or viral infection. I chose herbs that had won the respect of other practitioners: galangal, goldenseal, burdock, poke root, bloodroot, Oregon grape root, lomatium, and the namesake for this formula, wild indigo (baptisia.) The evolution of an herbal formula can be very interesting, but it is rarely arbitrary or accidental. I thought of putting thuja in this formula, but it is part of the Algonquin Drops so I decided to aim a little differently.

Obviously, no one formula is right for everyone, but many people have really had dramatic responses to this formula, often in as little as 5-6 hours.

Indigo Drops

Galangal, goldenseal, baptisia, lomatium, stillingia, St. John's wort, burdock, poke root, bloodroot, corydalis, Oregon grape root, and lobelia.

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