Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen was a mystic, clairvoyant, and gifted healer of the twelfth century. She composed music, wrote extensively, and probably possessed a truly amazing monastic library. Her work was celebrated in her own times as well as today now that serious medical doctors, scholars, and herbalists are rediscovering her work and trying out her recipes.

Hildegard made a salve out of violet juice, olive oil, and billy goat tallow. We received a few jars of this from Germany where it is sold as a cosmetic. At this time, the reports of its value are limited in number. Hildegard said that when the "vermes" lick the ointment, they die. Her instructions were to rub the ointment into the diseased tissue. "Vermes" has been translated "viruses" by some, but others believe the word could as easily mean "worms" or "lice." In any event, Hildegard said these were microscopic organisms that can only be seen by those with a vision given by God. She said they were the cause of malignancy.

Those I know who have used the salve have generally done so post-operatively or after use of an escharotic or enucleating process. They describe Hildegard's salve as soothing. One person used it on a lump and the lump disappeared but there was no information about the nature of the lump.

Her yarrow tea was used to prevent metastasis. German medical doctors take this remedy seriously, but I know of no clinical trials or even anecdotal material that would either support or refute the notion. These products are hence made available simply to offer people a choice, one they would obviously make on the basis of faith rather than science.



Yarrow Extract
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Yarrow Tea, 4 oz.

Yarrow Tea
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Master Yarrow Flower Essence
Master Yarrow Flower Essence
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