My Beliefs

In trying to define my beliefs and those underlying the church I created as an outer statement of my innermost beliefs, I realized how very private much of my being is. However, it feels important to describe some of the tenets that direct my life and my service.

At the age of four, I was very unhappy about circumstances on this Planet and asked God to take me home. I stood out in my front yard and looked up in the Sky and said that this is a place where people hurt each other, where they destroy animals, and where they have no reverence for life. I begged to be relieved of my life so I could go to a place of love and harmony.

I saw a face in the Heavens. A great being began speaking. I did not believe then or now that He was God, merely one of His trusted servants. He said I had until I was 35 or 40 to make myself as perfect as possible and then my work would begin. At 30, I began living as though I were subject to religious vows. At 35, I took those vows, and later was ordained so that I could begin building my church.

My deepest belief is that all is love. However, we are lost, and we search frantically for what is missing so that we will feel our true natures and be complete.

Love is both passionate and gentle. It is passionate in the classical sense: inspired, reverent, fervent, alive with Divinity. If you love, you see the divinity in God’s creation. You see it in people, in animals, in plants, in the movement of air and water, in the Cosmic Grandeur. I cannot look at the Sky and feel important. I am in awe of the Majesty and humble. When I look down, I see nothing but work for I see a world totally out of balance.

I made my commitment to do my part to remedy whatever can be healed. Where health and healing are concerned, I subscribe to the same beliefs that govern my innermost and most private life.

I subscribe to the doctrine of harmlessness. It is for this reason that I cannot embrace modern medicine. I cannot accept medicine that intrudes morbid substances into the body, that uses toxic chemicals to treat illnesses, that causes side effects that are sometimes more horrible than the original illness. I also cannot accept a system of medicine that has been founded on cruel experiments on innocent animals. I do not believe that my well being requires the suffering of any other creature—and I cannot deviate from this belief and still hope to function as a soul.

At the tender age of three, I was a victim of modern medicine. I received a tainted smallpox vaccine that caused serious lifelong problems. Later, I was posted with the State Department in Vietnam and India. I was subjected to constant inoculations and was very ill as a result of more tainted vaccines and the methods forced on me by the Government to treat my symptoms. I was medically evacuated and unable to work at a normal pace for more than ten years. During this time, my own system of healing evolved.

It began with a study of illness from what we might called a spiritual perspective. I meditated and read and began to understand the symbolism of diseases. I grounded this by reading modern medical studies that helped me to interface the esoteric and exoteric aspects of disease.

At that time, I was deeply influenced by my own meditations and the insights that were given to me during my times of deepest receptivity to the unseen worlds. The complete uniqueness of every individual’s circumstances overshadowed all the generalities that dominate modern medicine. It was clear that we are all exposed to similar pathogens but our reactions differ as should therefore the treatments.

My first prepared lecture was "astroendocrinology," my study of the relationship of the subtle aspects of the psyche to the functioning of the endocrine system. I flew to San Francisco but was not permitted to deliver the paper. Nevertheless, "astroendocrinology" was the first of the four cornerstones of my work. The second involved stress. People have skill in some areas and a lack thereof in others. What causes stress and how we handle it is also therefore unique to each individual.

The third stage of my system of healing was energetic. Knowing that there are sweeping differences between individuals, I sought to understand the imbalances and the measures that restore balance. It was at this time that I developed my material on Kitchen Doctor, basic herbal and dietary strategies that relieve symptoms (but do not actually cure disease.) I built up this very practical system after much study of Ayurveda, but I was influenced by other Eastern systems of healing as well. The dietary principles and measures were followed by the herbal; and, I am happy to say that I am now a great admirer of the healing gifts of plants.

The fourth piece of the system stemmed from my efforts to reconcile the psychological dimensions of experience with the spiritual forces that impart life to us. A part of this work began when still very young, a part when I became involved with music therapy, and a part when I went through my own dark night of the soul. I realized that I had to facilitate ways for the dark and light to meet in a place of mutual understanding and cooperation. I also understood that while we cannot live for self alone, we also cannot live without inspiration. Somewhere between the need to respond to God’s will and the need to survive as individuals, we have to make peace. I forged the tools to assist the awakening of certain insights that I feel make for a relatively complete system of healing.




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