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The Hazards of Microwave Cooking

Recent research shows that food cooked in microwave ovens suffers severe molecular damage. When eaten, it causes abnormal changes in human blood and immune systems. Not surprisingly, the public has been denied details on these significant health dangers.

Cell Phone Radiation

There are multiple causes for cancer, but on a cellular level, two things have to happen before we can call something malignant.  The first is that the cell has to become deformed.  Since it was originally conceived in a matrix of sound, any disturbance to that matrix poses a risk.  The second condition is that for a cell to be considered malignant, it has to prefer anaerobic life to aerobic.  This means that it lives on fermentation rather than oxygenation


The crux of the pleomorphic view of microbes is that change occurs because of the environment in which the microorganisms exist. The school of medicine that derives from this theory works with the physiological terrain rather than static concepts of disease-causing germs.


Mistletoe has held interest as a possible anticancer agent since the 1920's. This is because extracts derived from it have been shown to kill cancer cells and to stimulate the immune system.


While Steiner felt that mistletoe could replace the scalpel, Anthroposophical doctors are quick to admit that Iscador is not there yet. They use Iscador in conjunction with conventional therapies, such as irradiation, to protect against injury.

Healing and Nature

Nature has an instinctive tendency towards wholeness, but to understand Her, we must observe her closely. She does not reveal herself casually but rather subtly to those who approach Her with sincerity and a willingness to be guided.

Constitutional Balance

When there is slow metabolism, there is a tendency to develop chronic as opposed to acute diseases. Much of modern medicine has been devoted to overcoming epidemic and infectious diseases. It is much weaker in preventing chronic and long-term disabling diseases.

The Body-Mind Connection

In my most sensitive work with clients, I try to facilitate a greater recognition of the relationship of Spirit to Matter and to evoke a compassionate connection between these often disparate parts of our being.

Legacies from Twentieth Century Medicine

Billions of dollars later, we mare faced with scandals over dangerous preservatives and contaminants in vaccines, antibiotic resistant microorganisms, and very little progress in the treatment of chronic diseases. I would propose that part of the reason for the failure of the hooplala of the 20th Century to produce the results anticipated (and often promised) is that the body's immune system was not understood, appreciated, or even seriously studied.

DNA and Cancer

There is much more to the genome project than oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Just two years ago, experts had identified 33 factors that compromise the efficiency of the tumor suppressor genes. These included such variables as sick building syndrome and specific personal factors that affect mood and happiness.

Unusual and Little Known Protocols

Two Ayurvedic protocols involving extensive use of ghee or yoghurt could be relevant for those who are battling cancer or who are simply curious.

Botanical Products

Although there are clinical studies showing that Venus fly trap is a potent anticancer herb, the studies were done using sterile extracts and intravenous injections.

Herbs, Patents, and Propaganda

Without the opportunity to profit from patents, research comparable to that performed in the pharmaceutical industry with not occur in the world of herbal medicine. Though at first glance, this would seem to an inability to prove to the rational mind that there is a reliable foundation underlying the tradition of healing with plants, the up side is that in the long run, all that can be found in Nature belongs to all species and ownership cannot be claimed by the giant companies that seek global control of the food chain.




The Hazards of Microwave Cooking

Mistletoe Iscador
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Legacies from the Twentieth Century DNA and Cancer
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Herbs, Patents, and Propaganda



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