Adjunctive Therapies

Most patients with cancer have a long history of relative freedom from acute diseases (such as those characterized by fever), but many have had "silent" symptoms that were not recognized as signs that the body could benefit from specific strategies that cleanse the liver and blood, improve digestion and peristalsis, and boost immunity. In the checklist section, these and other potentially health-promoting measures are discussed in more detail.

Detoxification of the Blood

The liver performs a myriad of functions, including cleansing of the blood. Many cancer patients have undigested food, bacteria, fungi and parasites, and crystals circulating through their bodies. In darkfield microscopic examinations of the blood, it is often noted that cancer patients also have a "rouleau"—a condition in which the red blood cells are "stacked like coins" in such a way that they do not transport oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. If this clumping persists, a deficiency condition will result.

Since cancer thrives in anaerobic conditions where there is poor oxygenation and consequent tissue breakdown, internal programs that correct circulation and metabolism may reduce some of the factors aggravating cancer growth. If support is also provided to aid the rebuilding of damaged tissues, there might be even more benefit.

In ne arly every instance, these strategies can be combined with the treatment program of choice, whether holistic or allopathic. In short, having healthy red blood cells and active white blood cells should improve the well being of those in need of such adjunctive support. Blood building formulas (and food) as well as substances that alkalize the tissues and just slightly acidify the blood will enhance health and vitality.

Planetary Formulas Red Clover is an effective product for general liver and blood cleansing. People who are irritable, who have poor circulation, who find decision making difficult will probably find that using this product for 3-6 months will rid the body of a load of toxins and well as die-off from successful treatment programs. Sacred Medicine Sanctuary also has specific tonics for cancer patients that support healthy blood.

Cleanse and Stimulate the Flow of Lymph

When there is indigestion, infection, and/or death of malignant tissues and infectious organisms, the lymphatic system may become severely overloaded and congested. There are basically two components to moving lymphatic fluids and relieving lymphatic congestion. First, the lymph fluids should be alkaline and thin and second, the immune system should be efficient in devouring debris. Good lymph tonics are extremely helpful in moving stagnant lymph, relieving pressure, and sometimes reducing the size of masses.

We carry various lymph tonics, including our own teas and Indigo Drops. These usually contain fresh red root, fresh ocotillo bark, echinacea augustifolia root, stillingia, myrrh gum, wild indigo, and Virginia snakeroot. Used in conjunction with the Lymph Ointment, many people have seen significant reductions of lymphatic swelling and congestion.

Cleanse and Tonify the Colon

Ayurvedic medicine offers a formula containing three tropical fruits for overall cleansing of the arteries and lower intestine. It is not exactly a laxative. It is more of a rejuvenator of the tissues of the colon. Most people will find that they have regular eliminations using Triphala.  The product can be used as a regenerator as well as regulator of colon function. It can be combined with the use of intestinal flora so that the friendly bacteria keep in check the putrefactive bacteria in the colon. Eugalan is one of the better products for enhancing intestinal flora populations.

Boost Immunity

Many cancer patients have infections that they are not aware they have. Some of these are due to dental work (such as root canals) or previous exposure to conditions that were treated with antibiotics. Studies indicate that the immune system will not fight cancer so long as the body is dealing with what it regards as the more life-threatening infections.

As noted above, many cancer patients have rouleau, a clumping of red blood cells, erythrocytes, into stacks, a condition that makes proper transportation of oxygen impossible. There are various theories as to why this condition develops: inadequate metabolism of food (with metabolic residuals), dehydration, wrong diet, wrong pH, infection, etc. In a Canadian study relying on live blood analysis, colloidal silver was one of many products that demonstrated the capacity to resolve rouleau.

Since patients who suffer from oxygen deprivation are tired, correction of this problem not only supports health but restores vitality. Another product with fast acting effects on the blood is Tang Kwei Gin, a Chinese patent medicine containing blood building and immune boosting herbs. This product is extremely useful for people with damaged red blood cells (due to chemotherapy or other exposure to toxins), anemia, and poor vitality. Though improvement is almost immediate, my experience indicates that most people should continue with this tonic for about two months. Initially, they can consume an entire bottle in two or three days and then slow down a little. Overall, about 5-8 bottles of Tang Kwei Gin is enough to promote significant improvement of both inefficient red blood cells and overworked white blood cells.

In a live blood cell examination, it becomes evident that the real work of fighting illness is not performed by specific toxins but rather active white blood cells. If one watches closely, white blood cells emit a spray that stuns bacteria long enough for the white blood cells to swallow the "enemy." Years of fascination with this type of microscopy has convinced me that natural healing offers a completely different approach to health than 20th century Pasteur-based strategies. Nearly all of the serious work of healing depends on the performance of white blood cells. It is these cells that relieve the body of infection and other debris in the blood.

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has re-created a number of historic herbal tonics that combine some of the goals of many products: blood purification, elimination, anti-cancer activity, and immune boosting. These tonics are specially created for persons with cancer, most of whom report an almost immediate improvement in acuity and vitality. Some say that pain is lowered. All who have had their blood examined have seen improvement.

Tang Kwei Gin

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