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Approximately 80% of the world's population depends exclusively on plants for their health and healing. In the developed world, reliance on surgery and pharmaceutical medicine is more usual, but increasingly, more and more people are complementing their treatment with natural supplements.

On this site, there are over 100 pages that provide only information. There are also about 30 pages that discuss herbs and herbal products that can be used to support different aspects of cancer treatment. Though some of the products are available to practitioners through Sacred Medicine Sanctuary, there is no sales pitch, merely intelligent explanations of the herbal remedies as they have been used by skilled practitioners historically and in the present.

A wealth of material on diet, life style, and psychospiritual approaches to healing that can be used in conjunction with cancer treatment can also be found on this site though much of this material is being transferred to cancerchecklist.com where the scope of discussion is wider.


Herbs in the News

Artemisia annua


Artemisia annua

Press release from Environmental News Network on wormwood!


Mistletoe has held interest as a possible anticancer agent since the 1920’s. This is because extracts derived from it have been shown to kill cancer cells and to stimulate the immune system.


Most Popular Pages

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of botanical treatments are thoroughly discussed in the book and in somewhat lesser detail on this site. While every effort has been made to provide accurate information on the herbal products described in the book, the only real way to ascertain the effectiveness of the historic approaches to cancer treatment was to re-create the products and try them. Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has taken on this task and has made several of the internal tonics as well as a number of ointments and supportive remedies on an experimental basis. This includes a variation of the Hoxsey tonic. No escharotic products such as the black salve or Compound X can be purchased on this site, but sources for them are listed.




Cancer Salves: The book

The methods described in Ingrid Naiman's book
Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment were traditionally used mainly for breast tumors and skin cancers, but they have been successfully employed for a wide variety of other malignancies, including pancreatic, liver, and kidney cancer. Derivative treatments can be used for uterine-cervix and brain cancer as well as many abnormal conditions affecting the lymphatic system. The internal tonics, often regarded as more important than the external, can be used as either primary or adjunctive treatment for most cancers.




Bulletin Boards and Discussion Forums

There are three bulletin boards associated with this public service. There is one for posting questions that replaces the FAQ and previous pages devoted to questions and answers. There is another where patients can discuss their experiences and share both the fruits and perils of their healing quest. This board is only for patients. There is another board that is strictly for practitioners. There is also a board on cancerchecklist.com that is rarely used but freely available.



Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Cancers sold millions of copies. She, like many others before her, was convinced that parasites are a critical factor in the development as well as treatment of cancer.

New Pages

There is a page where new posts are listed. These posts usually address questions that arise because of media attention to an alternative cancer treatment, such as is currently the case with mistletoe and Iscador.

Cancer Research

Letter to Senator Tom Harkin, D-IA, on cancer research. Please copy and send to your elected representatives.


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