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Scars are a great concern, not only because of the itching and aesthetic issues but because recurrence often occurs in the scar tissue. Management of scars is an overlooked but important part of successful treatment.

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Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2001 - 09:10 pm:   

I have an extremely painful condition called post herpetic neuralgia. There isnt much information in the medical establishment about it. I take medication for the pain even though it really doesnt make it go away, it just takes the edge off so to speak in making me relax in order to endure it.

Of 'all' the research and information I have been looking on the internet over years the 'only' possible sense or theory made to the cause of the pain is through the 'scars' produced from a shingles attack four years ago.

The theory is that its the scars themselves that are causing the consistent pain as they are hard and irratating to the tissue beneath them.
The scars themselves are pure white, some pock marks on them, and of course are to the 'touch' completely numb in inself. No feeling what so ever in the areas that blistered into those scars.
But underneath and radiating about the entire sections affected is excrusiating severe burning sensation of pain.
I have considered that if this scarring is indeed 'why' or the reason for the pain, that using something to soften the scar or shrink it would eliminate this pain. Supposedly vitamin E and retinol will shrink and soften scars but I dont know if this really would work or where to get true retinol anyway as an ointment.

Does anyone know if this black salve would remove the damaged scarred tissue on my skin?
Or if its a possibility?

I could care less what kind of scarring is left on the body from black salve as long as I know it will eliminate this pain once and for all.

What are any thoughts any of you may have to this consideration? I would appreciate hearing anything about it as indeed this kind of pain is incapasitating and I can not imagine and also refuse to live a life with this for ever, as my intuition tells me their is 'something' out there 'somewhere' to cure or get rid of this pain.

Mainstream medicine hasnt a clue about what causes what or why in regard to shingles outbreak and the post herpetic neuralgia that results in some people.
All the simple 'theorys' about chicken pox virus or herpes zoster is of no value what so ever and says absolutely nothing period.

I am certainly considering using this black salve and willing to even suffer severe pain from it if I think that it will remove the damaged scared areas of the skin that is causing the pain.

Any repsonse to this will be most appreciated.
ThankYou ahead of time.

p.s. I had a severe case to where there are a number of scars across my chest area, left side, on the breast, under the left arm, and about the upper part of my back in various sections not far from one another. In other words some scars are the size of a silver dollar and smaller at different circumfrances or distorted looking various sizes. All this from many blisters that occured from a bout of shingles 4 years ago.
Those blisters literally burnt the color right out of my skin, made these areas completely numb and I explained the rest above.
Thanks again for any info or considerations to this offered.
Most of all does anyone think this black salve may eat away the dead skin scars themselves?

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Posted on Monday, June 11, 2001 - 05:50 pm:   

Personally, I wouldn't recommend the black salve for this condition. First of all, it does not penetrate scar tissue very well. It is water-based and tends to sit on top of the skin and do nothing when the tissue is as hard as most scar tissue. Secondly, if it did work, it might just enlarge the area that is scarred.

I would try something totally different. I would treat the previous condition as if it had not been resolved completely. This would involve detoxification and immune boosting.

Then, the two main herbs used for scarring are red clover and turmeric. They can be used internall and externally. They will work slowly, very slowly, maybe taking many months. You might be a very good candidate for our Trifolium (red clover) Syrup and Vicco vanishing Cream, an Ayurvedic product that you can sometimes find in Indian stores. Otherwise, we can make an ointment with turmeric. These strategies are definitely worth a try.
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Rob in CO
Posted on Wednesday, February 20, 2002 - 02:48 am:   

hello Ingrid. I have read your book and it has given me more info than i got from the info accompaning the salve i used. I still have a question that i have not been able to find a solid answer to. I did not get your book until after i treated myself so i will explain what i did and what has happened the best i can. i am going to name the products i used as i believe you are familiar with these products. externally i used bloodroot paste from D.R. in GA, and internally i used black salve from simply B in CO. I used the black salve for the recomended 21 day run internally and at the same time i started applying the bloodroot paste externally. the area i was applying to was my right armpit, as there was(is?) a tumour the size of a small egg in the armpit. i started out with a small amount the size of quarter but the tumour was not close to the surface and was not allways in the same location as the salve. so after 4 days wiyh no results i covered the entire armpit. that got results the next day. after 2 weeks the entire area was scabbed up and starting to eschtar. after 4 weeks a large part of the eschtar came off just like it was supposed to except that it was more in the upper front shoulder area and not directly over the tumour area. at this point i was just using vaseline and covering the whole area. a few days later another much smaller piece fell off and this piece also came off just as expected. only thing is, is that this piece was located more towards my back leaving the center piece still intact as a scablike eschtar. after a total of ten days of vaseline i covered the two healing areas with zinc oxide and the center area with more bloodroot paste. this was kept up for 5-7 days and then back to the vaseline. during the 5-7 days of bloodroot the area where the large eschtar was started to heal but the area where the smaller piece was scabbed up and filled in with more eschtar. now on my second vaseline cycle the smaller piece detached just like it did the first time, and the center piece did not change except that the scab like material disolved almost entirely after 10-14 days. since there was still abnormal looking tissue in that center area i went back on the bloodroot and at this point the pain was much worse tha it had been the entire previous six weeks. at this point i felt that something was not right and after only two days went back to the vaseline. i also took pictures that i had taken over the past weeks and a roll that i shot and developed the same day that i mailed it out, and sent them to D.R. in GA. he is of the opinion that i over treated myself and after studying the pictures recomended i use only vaseline and heal up. now finally i come to the part where i need some more input. i have been healing up now for two weeks and there is some scar tissue that i expected, but this is rather small compared to the total area treated. under neath the skin however is another story. there is a large mass underneath the skin but not directly undr the scar. i have talked to both of the two people who produce the procts that i used and they both seem to think that it is just scar tissue or proud skin. now my question to you is, do you think or have you seen tumours destroyed and replaced by scar tissue under the skin but not attached to the surface where the eschtar fell out? the area in question is roughly the same size as the tumour i am trying to treat. it is quite solid lage and in almost the same area as thetumour but closer to the area where the large eschtar first fell out. any insight you can share on this would be helpful. i have enclosed my email and will check the bulletin board.
thanks to you, Rob
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Posted on Thursday, February 21, 2002 - 01:09 pm:   


I am surprised that this detailed account made so little reference to pain!

Without an expert opinion from someone who is in a position to examine and evaluate this process, I really can't venture much of a guess.

I would however like to say that you are only the second person I know who attempted to apply the black salve in the armpit. I have excellent digital photographs from the first person, a woman with a long history of surgical attempts to resolve the problem.

What was obvious on her pictures was that the lymph nodes themselves were full of morbid fluids that discharged through the openings in the skin for months. She had a prior history of infection and antibiotic use going back twenty years.

Lest anyone emulate your heroism, I would definitely propose addressing the residual effects of prior infection so that lymphatic congestion and malignant tumors become two separate issues.

Second, the salve will react with morbid tissue, malignant and infectious, especially viral. So, a huge and highly unpredictable reaction is possible when the infection is not addressed prior to attempting to remove the tumor.

In your case, you would appear to have been overzealous. Using an internal product first is easier and far less hair raising.

Finally, when it comes to the issue of what is it that remains, scar tissue or malignant mass, it's really hard to say. I would err on the part of caution and suggest that what you suspect to be the truth is probably the truth. In any event, scar tissue is not acceptable. It needs to be resolved and we have a new product to address this, but I gather you have open areas and you want to know what to do.

I would suggest seeing a practitioner with experience in this method. Send me an email with information on where you are.
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Posted on Thursday, June 13, 2002 - 09:37 pm:   

Itreated a large basal cell on my lower left leg below the knee[apparently caused by uv sunlight radiation].The paste removed the center,leaving an eschar which i've kept frozen for future analysis.The border left scar tissue,with cancer underneath,which is still there.What will penetrate the scar tissue? I"m trying DMSO,which penetrates skin immediately,with hematoxylon dissolved in it.Supposedly hematoxylon,a dye,starves cancer cells by eliminating the cytoplasm in the area around cancer[the cytoplasm is the cancer"s food] Any suggestions?
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Posted on Friday, June 14, 2002 - 12:11 pm:   

No suggestions, but let us know if this works for you. It's really important to avoid scarring, but I don't know how to deal with it once it reaches the stage you describe. We are experimenting with a new product, but we have no idea at yet how it might work in a situation such as yours. You are welcome to try it, but if you are comfortable with what you are doing now, you should honor your own research and share your discoveries.

Good luck!
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Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 - 07:01 pm:   

I have salved by breast for a breast cancer lump for 10 months now. I can STILL feel the lump or possibly what I am feeling is scar tissue? I wont go back to the medical dr. until I am SURE i will hear the cancer is gone but just dont understand why I still feel something in there? PLEASE help me understand what I might be feeling. It would be hard to believe any cancer is left considering how many times I have salved and all that has come out. Possibly I am still getting reactions because I have a regular infection now and not cancer??? Maybe a mastitis? I had a baby 6 months ago. What the doc's were going to do to us is indescriable. I said no to everything and did this and a lot of other naturals. Please answer as soon as possible, I want to go back and finally go on with our lives. Thank You so much
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Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2002 - 11:55 pm:   

Please see my response where you posted a similar question. Some people have very old infections, going back to childhood. I have seen people who were put on antibiotics for 15 or 20 years after having rheumatic fever as a child. All kinds of material discharges from the breast. However, what I also have seen is an improvement in skin color and mental acuity, suggesting that there is really a resolution of old issues, not a new infection due to binding of your breasts or suppression of milk flow as you suggested in your other post.

I hope you and your baby are fine and that you can share your faith as time goes on.

God bless!
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Posted on Monday, January 27, 2003 - 09:08 am:   

I was told to use a tincture of Bloodroot and Blacksalve to treat condyloma, veneral it safe to use down there? will it cause possible future birth defects when I try and concieve later in life, since the tissure down there is absorbant.

The growths are in the inner labia which is a highly senstive area...the doctors don't believe it to be HPV at this point, but can tell me what it is, just not to worry.

I got this advice from someone who is very knowledgable on herbs, and treated themselves with this...but they warned me it's a ~caustic measure~ however they are a male.

Can you help?
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Posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2003 - 02:57 pm:   

I cannot imagine anyone being able to bear the pain. It's almost crazy sounding.

Am I to understand that the doctor has not suggested anything? If so, you might try something very simple first. Many people have used suppositories of chlorophyll, just plain old capsules with liquid chlorophyll and then douched with chlorophyll mixed with warm water. If some of the chlorophyll is also applied directly to the growths, they may go away. You can also use basil juice. Many people have told me this resulted in regression within six days, but I would try it for at least a month to see if it will work for you.
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Posted on Sunday, July 06, 2003 - 04:15 pm:   

HI i use the black salve on a patient and removed a cyst on her cheek...but now she has a scar it has been 6 months and has not went away she has used aloe on it and took good care of it...Does anyone know what we could use to get the scar to heal or go away? Drs are wanting to do surgery on it now... Please e-mail me with any info...thanks
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Posted on Tuesday, July 08, 2003 - 12:21 am:   

We are currently testing our ointment developed for post-escharotic use. Depending on the size of the scar and other factors, it could take a very short or a very long time to work. You can contact me about this.
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Posted on Tuesday, July 08, 2003 - 12:23 am:   

P.S. There are several different Native American escharotic preparations. One of them used red clover blossoms which, interestingly, are anti-scarring when used internally as well as externally.

I find that when the blood is detoxified prior to use of the escharotic (usually an escharotic made with bloodroot), and when some turmeric is added to the escharotic, scarring is minimal. In this case, immediate use of our ointment should do the trick quickly, but larger scars, more delays, and major blood toxicity will retard the process.
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Posted on Friday, October 17, 2003 - 06:34 pm:   

This is a long story so please bear with me. In 1980 I had bilateral subcutaneous mastectomies and reconstruction with silicone implants. The surgery was done due to fiborcystic disease and a history of breast cancer in my family. It was a mistake to have it done. I developed rheumatic and neurological symptoms in 1984 after the doctor "crushed" the scar capsules that had formed around the implants. I can't believe they are putting them back on the market. I was contacted a few times to participate in studies but much of it would be at my own expense. I certainly couldn't afford it. This is the case with many of the women that suffer due to the implants. That is why they have no studies showing the implants cause trouble....That aside....sorry to go off on that tangent.. In 1990 I related the symptoms to the implants. I had them removed. Upon removal it was determined they had ruptured during the surgery. One side had all the scar tissue removed. and that side does not cause me pain. They literally burned it all away. The description of the surgery states that on the other side the scar capsule was left alone and the implant removed from within. I had a zerogram (blue mammogram) years later and it is very evident that there is an egg shaped mass. The doctor apparently thought he was doing me a favor by leaving the mass? Anyway, I am in constant pain in that breast area and I can feel pulling and tugging constantly all the way into my back, neck and shoulder. The pain is not relieved by anti-inflammatory drugs...tried many...although plain ol aspirin takes the edge off. Sometimes there is redness and feverishness in the area. It seems to be attached to my muscles in both my breastbone area and my back. It literally pulls my second third and forth rib out of place at times and I get adjusted back into place. I cannot touch the area at all without terrible pain. I've had massotherapy, sonography, heat therapy, the therapy where they stimulate the muscles electronically. Nothing has helped. In fact the massotherapist thought he could crush the scar tissue and have me reabsorb it into my system. That worsened the rheumatic and neurological symptoms that had dimished somewhat... Apparently the scar capsule isn't free of the poisons. I can't afford more surgery right now and a new doctor states that if I am prone to scar tissue formation, removal might not could reoccur. And right now I find myself without health insurance. Every time I go in for a mammogram it turns into a a hassle as the scar tissue shows and then I need more radiographic tests. They sort of throw their hands up and I truly believe that if cancer was growing no one would even know it since it is being passed off as scar tissue. I've searched and researched on the internet and I found a few enzyme products that contain the silk worm enzyme... name escapes me right now...serrapeptase? will that help me? I want to disslove the scar tissue and clean the toxins out of my body once and for all. Will taking the black salve internally or perhaps applying it externally help? I am scared to apply it to the large lump that has developed right next to my heart on top of my ribs where they connect to the breast bone. Perhaps that is just inflammation due to the constant tugging. Plaque in blood vessels runs in my family. If the black salve were to come in contact with blood vessels with plaque deposits near the heart, what would it do? Would it treat it as dead or diseased tissue and harm my vessels and heart?
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Posted on Sunday, November 16, 2003 - 04:34 am:   

I have had 3 basal cell cancers removed from my face surgically, and things are going well with healing, except that the scar from one of them is fading very slowly. Does your book offer suggestions for getting scars to fade away completely? What you said about the connection between colon health and the skin is very interesting to me: could you suggest some reading in that area?
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Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2003 - 07:02 pm:   

Dear Ingrid:

I have used a black salve product to remove a breast tumor. Not having clear instructions before I started the proceedure left me with reasonably effective results, but with very heavy scarring.

I would like to know what exactly can be done for the residual effects of this treatment, i.e, the scarring? Which product(s) can be used to help get rid of this?

You can email me back with where to go to purchase, and what to purchase. I greatly appreciate your input.


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Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2004 - 04:13 am:   


l have a problem that worries me day and nite.l had an outbreak of shingles on the right side of my chest.l quickly got medication for them and they healed quite well,but the problem is they left scars that are quite dark on my very light skin.They are very noticeable and l have to wear things that dont reveal my shoulders because lm afraid people will notice them.

These scars have ruined my life.lm now depressed and withdrawn and l have gained a lot of weight.Everyone is now asking me why l have changed the way l dress.Please tell me how l can get help coz lm really depressed.

lm using bio-oil on them does this work and if not what can l use besides this?
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Posted on Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 12:54 pm:   

Sorry I missed all these posts. My product for scars is Feathered Turtle. You can also support its use by taking turmeric both internally and externally. Some say red clover also helps.
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Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2005 - 11:14 am:   

I have fibro tumors in my left hip i had a few removed surgically but they didnt get themm all sometimes they feel like they are breaking internilly they are very deep inbetween the fat and muscle. the pain is awefull at times ican hardley walk and to get out of achair or car is imobilizing . im at my witts end as to what to do or were to turn i was told they are not cancer but i worry about them attaching to the hip bone or infecting the bone it self. ihave delt with this for about 6 years . idont want surgey as i have had 5 since may of 03 for other reasons mostly because of dr MISTAKES that nearly killed me twice so if there is somthing i can do naturally i am all for it can anyone out there help me please i want a normal life i also have large scars on my stomach that are painfullto so any reief is helpfullthank you lorie m.

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