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Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormone Replacement Therapy: this discussion is being opened for those who wish to discuss their issues with hormone replacement therapy, scientific fraud, anger, fear, and other issues associated with their use of HRT.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 - 02:32 pm:   

I have stayed out of the fray with the recent reports on the undisclosed risks of hormone replacement therapy, but many have solicited my input. I know from experience that when someone discovers that something he or she has been doing might have aggravated the tendency to develop cancer that there are a lot of emotions churning. However, the other side of the argument is that years and years after the data was in on smoking, people still smoke even though there are almost no health arguments to be made in favor of smoking.

In short, my observation is that when faced with a life threatening disease, people become more health conscious and life takes on a new preciousness that was not as well focused as before. During this phase, people discover for the first time what others have known all along.

Crime and punishment are not my calling in life. I am a writer and healer so I would like to share a few points that I think can be considered in the quest for health.

First, this seems almost too simple to be credible, but the direction the bed faces makes an enormous difference. The rule is:

North: stimulation and energization
South: relaxation and devitalization
East: inspiration and guidance
West: disease and death

People spend a lot of time in bed, try out some new positions for the bed and sleep the opposite direction in the bed to see what happens. Most people will be surprised. While on the subject of beds: avoid electric blankets and electric heating of water (in water beds) as well as synthetic sheets and blankets and linens that smell of detergents and chlorine.

You might even want to explore the bedroom for signs of mold. Recently, several people have written me about mold behind the headboard. Mold is a very serious health risk. You might also want to have something aromatic in the bedroom, like a very high quality essential oil that addresses one of your specific needs such as deeper rest, gentler dreams, or even more romance.

Next, I am passionate about the risks of antiperspirants. I am certain the day will come when we realize that part of the congestion of lymph nodes is that people do not perspire normally. Try some time in the sauna! A natural deodorant is fine, but not something with aluminum!

Don't use the microwave oven for anything. In fact, get rid of it. You don't want it in the house.

Begin antidoting old vaccines (go to a homeopath for this.) It is most important to get the polio vaccine out of your system.

Don't eat or drink foods that are packaged in plastic, including bottled water. Plastic is estrogenic. Many animals products are also laced with growth hormones, especially dairy products but animals that were fed growth hormones transfer these to those who consume them. Support proper labeling of products and organic farming!

Avoid dry cleaning your clothes and don't work in places that have ghastly fumes (like printing places and some nurseries and greenhouses.)

Most important of all, don't sit on frustrations: bring issues out in the open and search for solutions to your problems. I would like to see this area develop as a place where people can explore constructive ways to express their outrage over the undisclosed medical risks of HRT. For me, anger is an energy that when focused well can produce significant change. It is needed in order to create a future that is in alignment with one's ideals, but it is an emotion that most patients feel they should hide.

Let's see if this bulletin board can facilitate meaningful exchange of ideas.
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Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 - 03:54 pm:   

Well, this is my take on creating good health!! Tips that I picked up along the way...

"Twenty Do's and Don'ts to Transform Your Health"

1. Don't let anyone take your dream!
2. Don't eat just fruit, toast, coffee…or nothing for breakfast.
3. Don't east Aspartame. (also known as Nutri-sweet)
4. Don't overuse a Cell Phone or a Microwave.
5. Don't supplement with isolated vitamins alone. (Make sure they are not synthetic and use only whole food supplements.)
6. Don't ignore your digestion.
7. Don't eat hydrogenated oils.
8. Don't use toxic chemicals at home or on your skin.
9. Don't eat refined foods and sugars.
10. Don't underestimate rest.
11. Do practice an un-defeated, unbeatable attitude
12. Do get quality exercise regularly
13. Do eat good fats.
14. Do eat five and nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
15. Do eat as close to nature as possible.
16. Do get fresh air and sunshine daily.
17. Do have an integrative practitioner on your health team.
18. Do have faith and practice prayer and meditation.
19. Do live a spiritual life.
20. Do live with passion and purpose.

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Posted on Wednesday, August 07, 2002 - 10:21 am:   

I suspect we could write a book on each of these points!

Thank you.
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Posted on Sunday, March 09, 2003 - 03:02 pm:   

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