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Shifts that Heal

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Welcome to Shifts that Heal.

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Earl Conroy
Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2001 - 12:08 am:   

Understanding the history of healing is most important. Now, what we must realize is the idea that Deepak Chopra keeps telling us in his several books, that the human body is capable of amazing feats of regeneration, given the opportunity.

Natural healers are dedicated to providing the impetus to the healing nature of each person. No one can heal anyone else. But natural procedures, and remedies that address physiological needs together with the person's total faith in the healing capacity of their own what makes the difference.

Consider a person diagnosed as a ...... multiple personality disorder, when the person is Jane she may exhibit all the signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, perhaps even cancer,but when she becomes Sally, [which transpires in a flash], there is absolutely no sign of diabetes, blood pressure [or cancer] and Sally has gallons of energy. What made the difference? It was obviously something in the mind of the person that transformed her body from Jane to Sally.

If we were to take that example and apply it to our own selves, what then is our potential? And what prevents us from becoming that potential?

Earl Conroy, New Zealand
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Posted on Monday, June 11, 2001 - 06:03 pm:   

Dear Earl,

First of all, thank you for kicking off this brand new discussion board, especially with such an interesting example.

I am personally fascinated by the phenomena of multiple personality disorders and have often used this exact same example. We are obviously kindred spirits.

As an astrologer, I have proposed, and I'm fairly certain of this, that each personality represents a lunar aspect, often frozen at a particular moment in time. Thus there can be two Moon square Mars personalities, maybe even three or ten, but one may be two years old and another an adult. In this instance, both may be diabetic; but another personality that is perhaps Moon conjunct Saturn may not be diabetic at all.

Though this material is worthy of several volumes, suffice it to say that if the underlying cause of a condition is transformed on a deep level, the possibility of manifesting the symptoms that stem from that cause is significantly reduced, maybe eliminated. This is why the need for looking deeper is always part of genuine healing.

This said, the other Deepak Chopra contribution to medical thought that I like is his concept of coherence. I prefer the term "integrity." Health is a state of integrity and one cannot expect to achieve it if balance, coherence, and integrity are not integrated into the healing strategy.

Thanks for the contribution to the board.

Your sister in spirit,

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Posted on Sunday, June 15, 2003 - 10:29 pm:   

Serious illnesses like cancer require dramatic positive changes in a patient's life style; most patients rarely create or accept such changes instead line up for "CUT, BURN AND/OR POISON" procedures all in place by their hard earned taxes.
Mostly, it is happening due to lack of information on alternative treatments or mistrust in it. Ha, ha, in the end, it simply shows how the patients have lived their life - the grand expression of their creative power taking them toward a healer or a charlatan. Are they not recipient of what they sending out through their own actions ? { Law of 'cause and effect' rules ! }
True healers have always looked at the issues of Soul, Mind and Body to create this necessary shift in patients to heal them and inspire them to live their unfulfilled potential.
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Posted on Monday, August 11, 2003 - 03:42 pm:   

What are you trying to say, that with with multiple personalities, if you PHYSICALLY take a test, as Sally because she doesn't have symptoms, cancer won't show up? But taken the same physical test, in her split personality of Jane because she has the symptoms, it would then show up cancer?
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Posted on Thursday, August 28, 2003 - 02:13 am:   

This board has been so inactive that I rarely check for messages, but did so tonight and am happy to find some posts.

Basically, the way my psyche works is that I look for patterns. An individual has many patterns, but they rarely operate simultaneously. For instance, a person may be very angry but decide not to express that anger. The anger then moves to a more quiescent level where it is less visible to others and perhaps also less acknowledged by the individual. . . who then goes on to express a part of the personality that has a more proven track record socially. If the issue is unresolved, it will tend to fester and perhaps to wiggle and attract attention.

Let's assume the person has a perfectly legitimate cause for anger. By not acting in support of that righteousness, a decision is taken that the cause isn't worth fighting for, that one's values or value in relationship to another are subservient, or that one has a greater capacity to endure injustice than the perpetrator has to face his issues. Since none of this is "true" on the deepest level, there is one part of the being that never accepts the logic and that part may act independently of the rest, causing a crisis requiring attention or upstaging a more passive part of the personality.

In normal circumstances, we are more or less aware that the parts are not in perfect agreement. We know we want to speak out but we also know that doing so may jeopardize something we want to protect. So, we are conflicted. However, instead of resolving the conflict, we only act on one half of it. The other half is therefore ignored and perhaps suppressed. So long as we know this, we are making choices consistent with our values. If we fail to notice that we are kicking issues under the rug, some parts of the personality may not act consistently with other parts. In extreme cases, a separate personality may emerge to act out the suppressed part. Moreover, because this only happens intermittently, there may be parts of a single pattern with different ages. For instance, one part of the "defend myself" personality may be a scared three-year old that was severely punished for talking back to an authority figure. This part of the personality does not emerge often and may retain the identity of a three-year old. Years later, an incident may occur with features common to the earlier experience and the personality may emerge again, either as a new personality, perhaps an 18-year old with more social skills than the child, or the 3-year old may appear. These are all parts of the same individual, but they are fragmented off from the main personality.

You might therefore say that the operating system for the individual is skewed by the absence of the defender, the one whose personality is spontaneous and therefore the one in the best position to maintain adequate metabolism. Therefore, the absence tends to lower vitality and weaken digestion. However, if this personality were dominant for a few hours or days, it would be equivalent to changing the software operating the body. The rules for behavior as well as metabolism would be different and therefore this individual would tend to eliminate some of the long-term effects of chronically low metabolism. In the case of something like insulin availability or blood sugar levels, the changes could be dramatic. In terms of cancer, the changes might be almost imperceptible over the short-term but profound over the long-term.
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Posted on Wednesday, March 17, 2004 - 11:39 am:   

Hello -

I would like to connect with some people who have experience using cancer salves. I have puchased a commercial slave which appears to be a good formulation called HerbVeil8 and applied it to a tumor last Tuesday.

I have a lump high on my chest on the left side which was diagnosed through needle biopsy as infiltrating duct carcinoma. I have done no other mainstream protocol, but am actively doing daily coffee enemas, using the Budwig diet faithfully, doing emotional release work, etc. I have had the lump for over two years and it was biopsied just over a month ago. I began the anti-cancer protocol immediately. My chest pain went away in less than a week after beginning the protocol. Now I am hoping to remove the lump using bloodroot salve.

The salve burned a bit when I applied it, but has not caused any pain since that time. I was to remove the salve 24 hours later and that was a delicate procedure, using q-tips, rubbing alcohol and a mirror. The area was already red and very sensitive.

A scab has formed, but it is now clearing up, and without really creating an eschar. The tumor itself is apparently unchanged. I am wondering whether to reapply, wait for the scab to fall off and reapply, use goldenseal as is recommended in the book, etc. I would be very grateful for advice from any member here familiar with using salves.

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Posted on Wednesday, March 24, 2004 - 06:13 pm:   


You will find much more information on than on this site. I host both of them, but the content is different on the two sites.

Best wishes,

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Coertje Feil
Posted on Saturday, October 23, 2004 - 07:27 am:   

i have been reading about alternative and natural remedies and healing and ways of eating and living for a few years now, with an emphasis towards cancer prevention and treatment since it is so prevalant, and since my mother and a couple of good friends have died from lung cancer. i have read a couple of books by deepak chopra and linus pauling so far. there are two sites to start with that i find of great value and would recommend to anyone who is ill, or wishes to take an active role in his own health. one is which is a great site and empowering for accepting responsiblity for one's health instead of having blind faith in the A.M.A. and some non-holistic doctor. another good site is and he has a good book that can be bought and downloaded in pdf format right from that site, as well as much other valuable information. i believe that many of the naturopathic and holistic remedies for an existing disease state are also good preventive measures for the disease itself. a wonderful thing about these remedies, besides their dual role to prevent and treat diseases, is that most of them, if not all of them, whether it is good flaxseed oil, fish oil, vitamin c or e, etc., is good for many health areas; they don't just target one area. vitamin c is good for a multitude of bodily functions, literally hundreds, and therefore is good for prevention and treatment of multiple health conditions (again see
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June Conner
Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2005 - 05:21 pm:   

Dear Ingrid, I have recieved and read your book on cancer salves. I cannot seem to easily find any salves ready for purchase. I don't feel confident enough to mix on my own and wouldn't know where to begin to find the ingrediants. However, I really would like to try something that would work on basal cell carcinomas. My daughter has Gorlins syndrom, which is rare, and information about it is also rare. But she is slowly becoming disfigures from many basal cancers being removed from her face. In fact she has had 15 in the past year. As she continues to scar and see her beauty being cut away, she also fears inability to stay employed and many other things are also being effected. I am certain we cannot avoid the scaring, however the trauma of each surgery is very draining as well. Please help us find a salve or paste to try on her. She is also reading your book and is ready to give this a try.

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