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Posted on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 03:07 pm:   

June 24. 2000--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Part one

Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph.D. recommends using foods high in natural sodium to supply this mineral needed by the stomach for digestion, prevention of ulcers & to keep calcium in suspension thus preventing arthritis, stroke, calcium deposits, cataracts, poor circulation & other problems relating to calcification.

"Sodium destruction can inhibit the ability of the stomach wall to produce a sufficient amount of hydrochloric acid resulting in a concurrent inability to digest protein." (p. 288 of Iridology the Science and Practice in the Healing Arts vol II. In his book Science and Practice
of Iridology we read the following quotes: "The stomach is an organ not only requiring a great deal of sodium in its tissues, but is considered
to be a storage depot of sodium. When the body lacks sodium, therefore, the stomach is the first organ to react. I do not know of any one chemical element more needed in the body than sodium. The stomach is one of the first organs to be involved in chemical depletion." p. 109

"Sodium, the youth element, keeps calcium in solution." p. 140; "The patient whose body is suffering from lack of a proper amount of sodium
probably will have a sour stomach." p. 21. Arthritis may also occur in a person with a very acid stomach which has burned out the sodium to such an extent that the calcium cannot be kept in solution." p. 22;

"Foods rich in organic sodium such as celery juice and whey can break up much of a calcium fixation and neutralize an over acid body condition." p. 162 [sodium is to the stomach what calcium is to the bone.] Dr.Bernard Jensen recommends the use of whey on p. 353 in his book The Science and Practice of Iridology: "Whey products from goats' or cows' milk, either fresh or powdered are desirable in the diet because they feed the acidophilus bacteria and sweeten the bowel."

Whey is also an excellent source of food sodium for the stomach as stated by Dr. Jensen p. 162. Both goat and cow whey provide natural sodium as recommended: 1 to 3 tsp. powdered whey (or equivalent food sodium source) a day with 400, 750, or 1000 mg. bonemeal or herbal equivalent), depending on individual condition, for 6 month to 1 year to replace calcium lost from suspension. Table salt will not provide this food sodium.

Ingesting table sugar leeches calcium, sodium, zinc & other minerals from the body. Body sodium & calcium are always in balance; if the level of one changes so does the other.

DRY POWDERED MILK----------------------410 MG
DRY CELERY SEED------------------------140 MG
BUTTERMILK, CULTURED-------------------130 MG
RED BEETS------------------------------110 MG
KALE LEAVES & MIDRIB-------------------110 MG
CELERY STALKS--------------------------110 MG
SPINACH LEAVES--------------------------82 MG
DANDELION GREENS------------------------76 MG
LIQUID COWS MILK SKIM-------------------51 MG
LIQUID COWS MILK WHOLE------------------50 MG
LIQUID GOAT MILK -----------------------50 MG

One can either drink daily his way to a high mineral sodium level with vegetable juice or take daily a dry powdered food/herb source for six
months to one year. Thereafter proper diet can keep the sodium (& therefore calcium) level from dropping.

The importance of the mineral sodium has been overlooked & misunderstood. This is largely due to the notion that we can incorporate table salt into the tissues & therefore are getting more than enough sodium as it is.

The sodium in fruits is bound to acids (largely malic acid/sodium malate or citric acid/sodium citrate). While the body can separate the sodium from the acids in fruits & can extract the sodium from vegetables & foods it cannot separate the sodium from the chloride in table salt (NaCl) & therefore cannot use the sodium from table salt as a mineral for body processes & function.

Table salt use correlates with table salt excretion in the urine. The daily table salt intake has been measured & found to be the same as the daily NaCl passed from the body in the urine which verifies that the body did not use it. Ingesting excess table salt stresses the kidneys which must eliminate it. Hypertension is not caused by the mineral sodium in celery or other high sodium foods but by overuse of table salt. Food sodium is not the villain, but excess table salt is. (See Dynamic Health by Dr. Ted Mortor).

We can study & purchase practically every mineral mentionable, but even in the field of alternative health where does one learn about the use & value of the mineral sodium & how to replace it in the body?

Other digestion prerequisites: all the B vitamins are needed in some way for good digestion, metabolism, or absorption though some are needed in greater amounts than others; the mineral iodine is for basal metabolism, mineral assimilation including cobalt (vitamin B-12), digestion & breaking down of foods & for proper fat utilization; amino acids are the raw materials needed for the manufacture of enzymes.

We can kill cancer with surgery, radiation, chemicals, enzymes, magnetic or electrification devices-- even herbs, but if we do not correct the digestion (which keeps the body & immune system strong & capable) we run the risk of getting it again.

DIGESTION part 2 next
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Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 10:17 pm:   


First, I will mention some things I had already tried. Daily drinks, of raw garlic cloves blended up in water; chaparral tea alone; chaparral tea in a combination that included red clover; electric device for sending low voltage through the blood to kill parasites; food grade hydrogen peroxide; some essential oils by mouth.

When I used Dr. Hulda Clark's wormwood combina-tion (black walnut leaves, male fern, quassia chips, ground cloves, black walnut hull tincture drops), the parasite was stunned in less than an hour of the first use. I could tell by the dramatic change I had found something that finally made an impact. So I took the combina-tion faithfully every day three times each day to keep the parasite anesthetized. It took about 3 weeks to kill the parasite fully, which the body expelled in once piece thereafter. That was most rewarding.

Unfortunately, however, I still was not able to make much headway after that which was a puzzle to me. It was not until I read Hulda Clark's
information on using extra strength black walnut hull tincture in 2 tsp. doses to prevent reinfection that I realized what had been happening.

Using this tincture at that dose daily brought results in 5 days & with a weekly maintenance intake I was able to keep re-infestation at bay & make notable progress in energy & stamina thereafter. Disinfecting my family members was something I never would have thought of, so was most grateful for that suggestion which we certainly followed.

Considering time, effort, simplicity, cost & effectiveness, the black walnut tincture, taken in 2 tsp. doses, comes out a winner for me. For this reason I will focus on that product along with the concepts & recommendations taken largely from a brochure by Dr. Hulda Clark in her November 11, 1995 update pages titled Parasite Killing Program.

Take the tincture on an empty stomach 20 minutes or more before a meal to kill flatworms, roundworms, protozoas, even bacteria & viruses. Thus it is not just for cancer, but can benefit almost every illness. For serious cancer cases, aids & degenerative conditions Dr. Hulda Clark
suggests using the black walnut tincture extra strength concentrate without diluting: "Take 2 tsp., all together in 1/4 cup water. To prevent
nausea [prevalent in advanced cancer], sip it, don't gulp it. Get it down within 15 minutes, other wise the potency diminishes. If you are over 150 pounds, take 2- ½ tsp. Do not take more than 3 tsp. because no additional value has been observed. This dose kills any remaining [parasite] stages throughout the body. A seriously ill person should take this dose several days in a row."

Using kinesiology or dowsing you can ask how many days in a row are needed for killing all parasite stages (eggs, larvae, adults). Then reduce to weekly maintenance dose. You will want to take 500 mg. niacinamide to counteract the toxicity of the alcohol.

The patient needs time to rebuild & heal from the ravages caused by these parasites. So "for a year take 2 tsp. black walnut hull tincture extra strength every week or until your illness is but a hazy memory. This is to kill any parasite stages you pick up from your family, friends, or pets.

"The only after-effects you may feel are due to dead parasites! If this maintenance treatment gives you any noticeable after-effects on the same or next day, it means you have indeed killed something. You will know it is gone when there are no after-effects from the maintenance dose. You can take ornithine at bedtime for insomnia" & to eliminate ammonia, the waste product of parasites, which is highly toxic & especially to the brain. Arginine by day also helps reduce ammonia.

From Dr. Clark's book, The Cure for All Advanced Cancers p. 50 we read, "We have seen persons who were bedridden get out of bed within a week
after taking ten teaspoons daily. Perhaps in these cases the tumors themselves were releasing the parasites in large numbers. Tumors shelter
parasites (along with Clostridium, dyes, and other toxins). As your tumors drain, parasites emerge and must be killed." In this same book
she tells several ways to open the tumors to be drained & detoxified.

She continues on p. 181, "The amount of black walnut tincture may be increased to 10 tsp. if there are only days remaining [terminal cases],
especially for brain and bone cancers which are hard to reach. You may take it in 2 tsp. doses five times in a half hour or all at once.
Another effective schedule is 8 tsp. followed by a one hour rest, then another 8 tsp. Choose what is easiest for you. Only 9 capsules of
cloves and [9 capsules] wormwood are needed, though. Try to avoid nausea by eating bits of bread afterward, with a drop or two of sterilized mint oil. You might wonder why there is a need for repeat treatments at all if these doses are truly effective. The explanation is that parasites tightly encased inside a tumor with little circulation are very hard to reach. They continually emerge to reinfect the body and must be promptly killed."

Whether the parasites actually cause cancer, whether the parasites are merely opportunists taking advantage of a weak immune system, or whether they fill the role of clean up crew makes no difference, the black walnut hull tincture kills the parasites whatever part they play & improved health is always a result.

The severely ill also need protection from being constantly re-infested by others. More on this from Dr. Clark: "Family members & friends should
take 2 tsp. every other week to avoid reinfecting you [the patient]. They may be harboring a few parasite stages in their intestinal tract without having symptoms. But when these stages are transmitted to a cancer patient, they [the parasites] immediately seek out the cancerous
organ again." The recommended dose for young children, ½ teaspoon, is found on p. 101 from The Cure for All Diseases by Dr. Clark.

We are always picking up parasites from our environment & from others via the body fluids: blood (birth & therefore related hereditary
conditions), saliva (kissing), breast milk (nursing of babies), semen (sex). "Family members nearly always have the same parasites" & the same
tendency for certain diseases. Because the mother is infected through the semen, the children born to that union inherit parasite related weaknesses from both the mother's & father's side of the family.

Solvents & chemicals so prevalent in our society drain us of the vital amino acids the body uses up in the detoxifying process, which weakens
our immune systems, disabling them against these invaders. Inability to produce hydrochloric acid in the stomach leaves a person defenseless
against parasite stages that are ingested. Therefore, work to repair the digestion.

Healing & reversal may be experienced after killing parasites. If, for example, one has had brain afflictions in the past, with insomnia, mental or emotional symptoms the ability & desire to sleep longer may occur during healing, the need to strengthen & support the deprived brain with B vitamins will become evident but these nutrients will now feed the brain instead of ravenous parasites.

Flu like symptoms of achy muscles, headache, dizziness, body weakness, nausea, coughing, discharge etc. often occur as dead parasites & related toxins are eliminated from the body. Support this elimination with a cleansing herb: raspberry, elderberry, fenugreek, nettle, yarrow, echinacea, etc. Sulfur bearing nutrients, methionine, cysteine, taurine, glutathione, B-1 & pantothenic acid also help with detoxification.

By the time I received the 1995 update pages on using black walnut tincture 2 tsp. at a time, I was no longer in the advanced cancer state. I did not even use the clove or wormwood capsules. The 2 tsp. dose alone worked wonderfully for me. I no longer had to sustain the pilfering parasites so the foods & supplements were fully directed to my own use and over the next few months, at last, my energy & endurance began to climb at a steady, measurable pace.
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Posted on Saturday, August 05, 2000 - 04:33 pm:   

Digestion part 3
Nutrient Burglars

Quote from The Healthview Newsletter Volume 1 Number 5, 1978 by Dr. William Donald Kelley: "Sometimes there's a very early warning sign [of cancer]--an attack of what appears to be unusually severe indigestion.... Incidentally, if this theory, that cancer is the result of pancreatic malfunction, [preceded by stomach insufficiency] is correct, you'd expect people with diabetes to have an abnormally high rate of cancer. Sure enough, that's the case. Several researchers indicate that diabetics are
about three times as prone to cancer as non-diabetics.... Tumors arise from the body's inability to metabolize protein properly."

Digestion requires sodium, iodine, B vitamins & the amino acids from protein we eat & digest. What causes the loss of these nutrients that
lead to digestive disturbances?

Dr. Berthold Kern: "The major etiologic[causative] factor causing myocardial infarction [heart attack] is a primary chemical destructive
process caused by underlying unchecked acidosis [accumulated acid] in the left ventricle tissue."

Acidosis results from low sodium & corresponding low calcium. These two minerals are always in balance. When the level of one drops or raises,
so does other. When the left ventricle becomes too acidic, or low in sodium, it will shut down causing a heart attack. Stress, whether physical or emotional stimulates the cardiovascular system, adrenals & lungs; mental or physical overexertion when in a state of acidosis (low
sodium) can be dangerous. Because the heart has priority, when the sodium supply gets low the body will take sodium from the stomach,
causing indigestion, in order to keep the heart beating while under stress. (See Dynamic Health by Dr. Ted Mortor). Stress depletes the body's sodium supply.

Adelle Davis, from Lets Get Well p. 23, 24, explains that when meeting energy demands for dealing with emergencies "minerals are drawn from the bones," thus "are the bones weakened by the theft of calcium." Because these two minerals always stay in balance we lose not only calcium when under stress but we lose sodium needed for digestion at the same time.

"During a single day of severe stress, the amount of body protein destroyed equals that supplied by 4 quarts of milk." Stress gobbles up our reserves of protein [amino acids].

Lets Get Well, p. 109, "Prolonged stress increases the nutritional requirements so much that deficiencies of pantothenic acid &/or vitamin B-2...can be produced and cause the adrenals to become severely damaged." Stress rapidly consumes our pantothenic acid & B-2 both of which are needed for digestion as well as for stress & the adrenals.

From the book Life Extension p. 174 by Pearson & Shaw we read, "Vasopressin is released by the pituitary gland during trauma (or even in
anticipation of severe trauma) and hemorrhage" [a physical stress]. Vasopressin is made in the brain from the precursor nutrients choline,
pantothenic acid & vitamin B-1 (p. 274, 475). Stress & trauma can exhaust our supplies of choline, pantothenic acid & vitamin B-1--all of
which are needed for digestion.

Quote from Folk Medicine by Dr. D.C. Jarvis: "When working under pressure include the Lugols Solution dose each day until the period of
pressure passes. If it should happen that your body becomes saturated with iodine, you will find that there is an increase of moisture in the
nose. If this occurs, omit the iodine until the nose is normal. As you study yourself you will soon learnto tell when you need iodine. When a
nights sleep does not bring you to the beginning of a new day with the energy you are accustomed to have, you will begin to think of iodine. If
you learn how to use it, it will restore the capacity to bounce back and sustain your well being." (p. 149, 150). Iodine is needed for stress as well as for digestion.

The list continues:
"B-12 is also considered a nerve vitamin. Stress increases the need for B-12, too," we read from p. 98 of Know Your Nutrition by Linda Clark.
B-12 is also needed for protein synthesis.

On p. 89 of Lets Eat Right to Keep Fit by Adelle Davis we find, "Such mental breakdowns usually occur immediately following extremely severe
stress, often during adolescence when the requirements of all nutrients are high because of rapid growth. Since learning more about
schizophrenia, I would recommend 100 milligrams of niacin daily for all adolescents and college students under severe stress." Our niacin
reserves, needed for stomach acid production, are used up in stressful situations.

In the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch we are reminded that B-6 is "required by the nervous system." From the book, Know Your Nutrition, Linda Clark reports that B6 is for "muscular weakness," that "The heart is a muscle and also needs B-6." Healthy nerves & a strong heart are certainly required when dealing with stress as well as for digestion.

In any situation of undue tension, or in any relationship whether, marriage, business or other, if a person constantly feels driven, coerced or pressured against his/her will, feels controlled, demeaned, threatened or misused, the mistreated individual has a significantly
greater risk of getting cancer because of the stress. It is a risk resulting from constant chemical imbalance & nutrient depletion that
damages adrenals & hinders digestion.

Quotes from Dr. Paul Eck taken from The Last Chance Health Report Vol 3, number 9 titled DIABETES; The gateway to cancer & also number 10 on DIABETES & emotional upsets: "If the emergency response to a perceived threat remains continuous, i.e. fails to shut-off, blood sugar levels remain high. So when you see yourself out of control [helpless, trapped], frustrated, can't do anything about it, you maintain this high level of glucose secretion from the liver. During a crisis, the sugar rises. This is normal.

However, this response cannot be maintained forever. But in tragedies, the person cannot get over it, or it keeps recurring. So the sugar maintains itself at high level. If you're not happy, if you don't see any hope for things
getting better, then diabetes [&/or related hypoglycemia, heart disease, cancer] is lurking around the corner. Frustrating, irritating people will raise your blood sugar into a diabetic range & keep it there. Get
these people out of your life."

Emotional battering, devastations, on-going suppression or disregard for ones feelings, or loss of control in ones life & choices creates chemical imbalance as certainly as do physical factors, causing adrenal exhaustion & the rapid depletion of nutrients. The assimilation ring visible in the stomach area of the iris denotes digestion weakness. This ring which looks like a rust colored brick wall is one of the first walls an emotionally abused individual puts up in defense; she/he is feeling, even if unable to speak it aloud, "I don't want to hear this anymore, I can't stand this kind of treatment any longer." Gnawing emotional upheaval shuts down the digestion. Long term mental anquish leads to cancer.

Cancer is often triggered by hopelessness, defeat, despair, serious loss (such as loss of a loved one or loss of personal choice and identity due to a domineering spouse). Being "trapped" can be the beginning of the end. If the physical ingredients (inherited blood sugar disorders,
nutrient insufficiencies, indigestion etc.) that lead to cancer are present and if unresolved emotional stress is added, the stage is set for
cancer development. On the outside the victim may appear to be fighting, but inside, she/he finds no reason to go on living. Something important
and irretrievable has been lost. Happy people seldom get cancer.

"During any type of stress--illness, injury, effect of drugs, burns, surgery, emotional upsets, or any other--when larger amounts of these hormones are needed, the requirement for pantothenic acid increases proportionately," reports Adelle Davis on p. 79, 80 of her book Lets Eat Right to Keep Fit. Pregnancy, lactation, hemorrhage, strenuous physical
labor, shock, etc. should be added to her list of demanding, nutrient draining experiences.

Ingestion of white refined sugar products lowers the mineral levels of the body and causes low blood sugar by overstimulation of insulin. This
sugar is empty, devoid of food value, and leeches nutrients from the system like an dry sponge absorbs water. Therefore eating sugar raises
our nutrient requirements & at the same time depletes the reserves one already has. Sugar as it naturally occurs in foods is surrounded by the
very trace minerals necessary for processing & metabolizing that sugar. Thus, sugar isolated from food is now devoid of needed copper, zinc,
chromium, manganese, & vanadium which must consequently be pilfered from the body's reserves each time we consume white sugar or white sugar

Quote from Dr. Bernard Jensen, Science and Practice Iridology; "How many know that white sugar is the greatest leech that can be put into the body? It robs the body of calcium and this loss may be the beginning of arthritis and other maladies." (p.45)

From Dr. Paul Eck, The Last Chance Health Report 3, number 10, 1993 we read, "Sugar is a metabolic poison, a mineral robber. I want to warn your readers about the hidden amount of sugars in foods and beverages."

On alcohol: "The repeated consumption of alcohol inhibits the liver's production of digestive enzymes, impairing the body's ability to absorb
proteins, fats, and the fat-soluble vitamins, as well as B complex vitamins and other water soluble vitamins," p. 105 of Prescription for
Nutritional Healing second edition, by Balch.

"Vasopressin [discharged during trauma] is also released by the popular drugs LSD, amphetamine, Ritalin, magnesium pemoline, and cocaine.
However, after regular use of cocaine or these other stimulant drugs, vasopressin supplies are depleted, which results in depression," p. 174,
Life Extension by Pearson & Shaw. Again, vasopressin precursors are choline, vitamin B-5, & B-1, all needed for digestion.

From Lets Get Well p.32 by Adelle Davis we learn that, "Drugs produce deficiencies by destroying nutrients, using them up, preventing their
absorption, increasing their excretion, or chemically taking their place."

I remember when my husband starting getting bursitis for the first time in his middle years. The doctor asked if he had been drinking orange
juice. It was a surprise question. But sure enough, it was summer & he had been guzzling orange juice. He stopped drinking it as advised & the pain left. Dr. Bernard Jensen provides the explanation: "Citrus fruits, when tree ripened, are high in sodium, but so many of them are picked green and expected to ripen in storage that eating them may cause disturbance--especially in a stomach deficient in sodium. Unripe fruit never sets well in the human stomach." Sodium develops in oranges and
grapefruit during the last few weeks of ripening on the tree. Thus eating citrus fruits that have been picked green, then shipped depletes the sodium level in the stomach lowering the body calcium at the same time.

If an occasional orange or grapefruit is eaten, which is not grown on your own tree, to supply the missing sodium, always drink a teaspoon of
milk whey shaken together with 1 T. water in a small empty vitamin bottle that is tightly capped. If one drinks citrus juice, add a minimum one heaping tsp. milk whey per cup of juice; shake the amount of milk whey needed into a smaller portion of the juice, then add this mixture to the rest of the juice in the large container. This will not change the
flavor of the juice. If this precaution is not taken digestion will grow steadily worse. Proteins will remain undigested and body depletion begins.

In the book, The Healing Power of Amino Acids by Leon Chaitow on p. 25, 26 we find the following, "The sulphur rich amino acids (methionine, cysteine) are especially capable of this sometimes life-saving task. These have the ability to chelate (lock onto) heavy metals such as lead, mercury and aluminum which are toxic to the body, and to actually remove them from the system." Heavy metal detoxification depletes our sulfur bearing amino acids.

In her book, A Cure for All Advanced Cancers, Dr. Hulda Clark adds the other sulfur bearing amino acids, glutathione & taurine along with sulfur containing pantothenic acid & vitamin B-1 to the list of heavy metal removers. Dr. Hulda Clark also includes inositol, p. 136, on her list of oxidizers for removal of bacterial & industrial toxins. These nutrients needed for digestion can be burned up in a hurry when a person
is exposed to toxicity.

From p. 158 of that same book, Dr. Clark informs us that vitamin B-2 "is a detoxifier of azo dyes and benzene. When the tumor opens, she adds on
p. 196, that "suddenly all the toxins break free and flow out of the tumor--into your body! The flood gates have been opened. There must be
enough B-2 now to combine with all the dyes, benzene, and acrylic acid." The body uses up our vitamins B-1, B-2, B-5, & our sulfur rich amino
acids for eliminating dangerous toxins.

We read from Know Your Nutrition by Linda Clark, p. 111 that choline "appears to be, among other factors, a cancer preventive. In one study,
fourteen out of eighteen rats not fed choline developed cancer, whereas in a group of rats fed choline, none developed the disease. Choline has
proved to be a shield against some toxic drugs." Battling toxins which contribute to cancer development requires extra choline so as not leave ones fat digestion process under supplied.

"I find the same things that cause cancer cause anemia, namely parasites, dyes, and toxic metal, " writes Dr. Hulda Clark in her book A
Cure for All Advanced Cancers p. 144. She reminds us in the book that parasites feed on the supplies of the host keeping the cancer patient
perpetually undernourished. We must kill the parasites that have already infiltrated, repair the digestion, & correct deficiencies to strengthen the body against new infestations.

Family related maladies, including eye lesions revealing inherited weak organs & glands are visible in the iris. We do indeed come with
predispositions to certain health problems. A child born to a mother deficient in nutrients resulting in glandular lesions most certainly
inherits those deficiencies and conditions as revealed through iridology. A mother cannot give something to her offspring she does not have

We pick up parasites from our environment & from others via the body fluids: blood (birth & therefore related hereditary conditions), saliva
(kissing, sharing dishes etc.), breast milk & semen. Family members nearly always have the same parasites & the same tendency for certain
diseases. Because the mother is infected through the semen, the children born to that union inherit parasite related weaknesses from both the
mother's & father's side of the family.

Parasites have an affinity for certain organs or parts of the body. The heartworm travels to the heart, the pancreas fluke seeks out the pancreas, the liver fluke resides in the liver, there are parasites that prefer living in the brain or the eye. Thus, a parasite that gravitates to the heart, pancreas, brain, eyes, lungs, joints or uterus etc. passed down from parents to children would result in the tendency for each succeeding generation to inherit the weakness & disease in those areas. This concept is taught by Hulda Clark in her l995 Update Pages titled Parasite Killing Program & in the book A Cure for All Diseases. On page 3 of this book Hulda states, "Many problems can be disinherited."

If you have made all the right changes: more wholesome lifestyle & diet (no tobacco; no imitation or soft drinks; elimination of fake, sugarized, processed, packaged, foodless foods & chlorinated water etc.); adequate rest & reduction of stress; curtailed exposure to noxious fumes, pesticides, pollutants; worked to correct the digestion; taken supplements & even herbs & still have not achieved good health, suspect a parasite. Suspect a parasite if there is chronic, degenerative, debilitating, terminal, mysterious, rare, hereditary, unyielding disease
or conditions. If there is a personality change, instability, mental or emotional complaints of any kind suspect a parasite in the brain.

First kill the parasites. Stay on the weekly maintenance dose (2 tsp. at a time) of Black Walnut tincture for several months to a year as Dr. Hulda Clark recommends while providing the nutrients needed in adequate doses to repair the damage from the parasites, poor digestion,stress
etc. until the symptoms are gone. If the parasites are exterminated for example, then the damaged liver & brain can start regenerating within three weeks when taking cysteine along with an amino acid complex; poor brain circulation is related to adrenal exhaustion which would require nutrients including additional pantothenic acid, vitamin B-2, tryptophan, niacin & iodine; tissue regeneration in nerves, organs, muscles or bones require extra protein; heart repair might include therapeutic levels of calcium/sodium, 5HTP, pantothenic acid, taurine, tyrosine (check caution for those with high blood pressure) etc.

If the weekly maintenance dose is neglected, any parasites picked up or drained during a healing reversal or cleanse will go straight to the same weak organ again & the symptoms will return unless/until that weak place has been fortified & repaired. Whenever a tumor drains or whenever
there is a healing crisis or reversal which mobilizes parasites, toxins & poisons take the tincture along with detoxifying agents.

Educate yourself on your particular needs including related supplements, doses & cautions. Dowsing or kinisiology are most useful tools in
determining needed nutrients, dosages, time period for therapeutic supplementation, reduction & maintenance amounts. Find a professional
with these skills &/or develop them yourself. Be in tune with your own body.

Late July, August & September, before the green hulls turn dark, is the time for gathering the Black Walnut tree green hulls. The recipe for
making extra strength Black Walnut hull tincture for killing parasites is in Hulda Clark's books, The Cure for All Cancers, The Cure for All
Diseases, & her nine page brochure Update Pages, titled Parasite Killing Program, November 11, 1995. The recipe is NOT in her latest book, A Cure for All Advanced Cancers because terminal patients are running short of time needed to prepare it & can purchase it pre-made.
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Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2000 - 04:13 pm:   


This information is taken from the book A Cure for All Advanced Cancers
by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark.

A normal child has 1000 times more hydrochloric acid than most adults
over 50, p. 519. During the teen years, the nutrient demands for
development and growth (pressure from school, work, and home, staying up
late, hectic activities and side-jobs) are seldom adequately met. The
nutrients needed for good digestion are not provided because of skipping
meals, eating from vending machines, snacking on candy and empty calorie
foods and are further gobbled up by physical, mental, social and
emotional stress. It is usually in the teen years that the stage is set
for tumor development.

If the parasites and related tumors are located in the brain there can
be mental, emotional and learning disorders including depression, fear,
hopelessness, uncontrollable emotional swings, etc. The parasites in the
brain devour the best of the nutrients for themselves leaving little for
the host. When the stomach acid is reduced there is no longer protection
against ingested parasite stages (eggs, larvae, adults). The digestion
must be repaired and the deficiencies corrected for future protection
against parasite infestation. But any pre-tumor stages that have already
developed must still be eliminated or in time they will develop into more
serious tumor stages.

Whether for a simple parasite encapsulation, a benign growth, a cancer
or any stage in between: prepare by taking 2 teaspoons Black Walnut
Tincture Extra Strength 20 minutes before a meal with 500 mg. niacinamide
to detoxify the alcohol for several days in a row to kill any parasites
(eggs, larvae, adult) not encapsulated. Blood purifying herbs, fenugreek,
yarrow, elderberry, nettle, echinacea, raspberry, etc. would be helpful
for removing related toxins. In cancer cases, take extra vitamin B2 to
remove benzene and dyes.

Oregano oil: "To penetrate a tumor, you must use 20 drops three times a
day for several days. To avoid burning your tongue, put the oil in an
empty capsule and swallow. Any drops on the outside should be washed off.
You may have bread and a beverage with it," p 159. Wintergreen oil: "I
believe it seeks out tumors, turning them into cysts with liquid centers
as seen on a scan, take three drops, three times a day (excess is toxic).
It is also a traditional tumor shrinker," p. 161.

1. Put 20 drops oregano oil into the large half of an empty capsule and
add 3 drops "only" wintergreen oil then close the capsule and drink down
with water or beverage. The capsule should be taken on a basically empty
stomach as before a meal though a little bread can be eaten if the
stomach is uncomfortable. Take these two oils at the same time on an
empty stomach 3 times a day for several days in a row which will begin
the process of penetrating and opening parasite sacks, tumors, cancers.

2. About 15--20 drops grapefruit extract in a capsule for cleaning and
disinfecting the colon in preparation for eliminating tumor(s) from that
area can be taken at the same time.

The pre-tumor stage may be nothing more than a parasite sack. These are
newly formed, softer, easier to penetrate and require fewer doses to
open. Tumors that are cancerous are most likely covered with a hard
calcium coating and will require a few days or weeks to start softening
the calcium. Some food sodium sources which soften the calcium coating

• 1--2 glasses celery juice daily
• 2 tbs. milk whey (or equivalent sodium source such as beet root, ground
celery seed) taken faithfully every day. The body cannot use the sodium
from table salt to soften the calcified covering.
• Omit sugar and sugared foods which will only deplete body minerals
including the essential mineral sodium.
• For advanced cancer, consult p.161 and 171 for additional ways to
dissolve the hard calcium coating that protects cancers from penetration.

After the tumor opens, its contents of parasites, toxins and poisonous
discharge will be dumped into the body and there will be flu like
symptoms of headache, weakness, dizziness, muscle aches, pain, cough, and
discharge etc. as a result. Clean up with more Black Walnut tincture,
detoxifying herbs and supplements. To kill the emerging parasites, take
immediately 2 tsp. Black Walnut tincture extra strength in 1/4 cup water
with one 500 mg. niacinaminde to detoxify the alcohol. Repeat the Black
Walnut dose if necessary in about ½ hour. When an advanced cancer patient
is bedridden, take up to 10 tsp. Black Walnut tincture all at one time or
8 tsp. followed by another 8 tsp. an hour later along with the

When any tumor stage opens in the brain there will be mental
fogginess, dizziness, disorientation, and likely the feeling of an
overwhelming need to sleep because of the drugged sensation created when
the encapsulated contents burst into the brain. There can also be some
unpleasant emotional side effects as these stages are expelled from the
brain. These and/or any flu-like symptoms are signs to immediately kill
the parasites & start on the blood purifying herbs. For more serious
cases include detoxifying supplements. Herbs to support the liver and
kidney would be beneficial.

The advanced cancer patient will have more parasites, and more poisonous
discharge than less critical cases and will need to be prepared to
detoxify this flood to prevent overwhelming the liver causing hepatic
coma. "Thirty capsules glutathione 500 mg. (15 gm.) can improve a
semi-comatose condition faster than any other non-clinical treatment,"
p.152. "The capsules can be quickly snipped with scissors and dumped into
honey and water to be drunk." The caffeine from a 10 minute retention
coffee enema will also help by opening the liver ducts to allow the
toxins to move out of the congested, overwhelmed liver. In addition to
glutathione, other detoxifying agents you will want to have on hand for
serious cases, are cysteine, methionine, taurine, pantothenic acid,
vitamin B1, vitamin B 2 (particularly important for detoxifying dyes and
chemicals), vitamin C, inositol, glycine, (one or two 500, mg. capsules
each) taken up to 3 times a day depending on age and size of the tumor
and related severity of the reaction. Take these supplements before
meals. Advanced cancer patients will want to consult the book, A Cure For
All Advanced Cancers by Dr. Hulda Clark to be fully informed and prepared
for this procedure.

"Cysteine can trigger the liver [and brain] to quickly regenerate, so
new normal liver is made to tide over the liver cancer patient while
tumors are being shrunk. We typically see a lot of regenerated liver on a
scan after three weeks of this supplement," p. 153. Amino acids from
proteins are necessary for the immune system to function as well as for
the growth of all body tissue. "So don't be deceived, even the ‘non
essential' [amino acids] are essential to you [the cancer patient] right
now, " p. 165.

The most difficult part of this program is not knowing when the tumors
will open or how sick one will become. The brain can become quite
nonfunctional for a few hours, the thinking so fragmented and dazed for
the better part of a day and it is difficult to plan accordingly. The
overall body symptoms are flu-like. But the results are worth the

Go back on the oregano and wintergreen oils and repeat the process until
all tumor stages, emerging parasites and related toxins have been
eliminated. This program eliminates flatworms, roundworms, protozoas,
bacteria, viruses, candida. Remember, if hydrochloric acid production for
proper digestion is not corrected and maintained parasite infestation
will only reoccur.

We read from p. 180, 181 of Dr. John R. Christopher's book School of
Natural Healing: "Black Walnut (Juglans nigra; JUGLANDACEAE): leaves,
inner bark, fruit (edible nut), green husk of unripe nut (hull); contains
organic iodine that is much more antiseptic & healing than the usual
poisonous iodine so commonly used.... English Walnut (Juglans regia:
JUGLANDACEAE); leaves, green husk or rind of unripe fruit, inner bark:
similar therapeutic characteristics and medicinal uses as black walnut."
Both the Black Walnut & the English Walnut have been used successfully
to eliminate parasites.

During the full moon parasite eggs hatch. Therefore, be aware of the
moon phases in this process of parasite elimination.

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