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Posted on Tuesday, June 06, 2000 - 02:13 pm:   

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Penny Cheesley
Posted on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 08:36 am:   


I have experienced the truth of your findings regarding Venus and Mars and the emotions both as a counsellor with others and for myself. Atypical cells in my breasts simply went away during the years after I followed your dietary advice which, combined with total changes in my emotionally held beliefs and attitudes that were reflected by the state of my health, undoubtedly saved my life.

I have observed so many times the affect sublimation of the Martian energy has on the health of clients, in particular those women who returned on a regular basis to the refuge I managed.

Congratulations once again, on a very relevant article.
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Posted on Saturday, June 24, 2000 - 10:14 am:   

Dear Penny,

Thanks for sharing this. Perhaps you would share a little more about how you applied some of these principles to yourself or those you counsel. It's so heart warming to know you are doing well and also helping others to heal.

Bless you!

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Posted on Saturday, July 08, 2000 - 08:20 pm:   

Part Two

"Nothing presently employed in the art of cooking reaches the 250 degrees F (121 degrees C) that is considered minimum in a hospital to sterilize bandages or instruments. [Nothing goes beyond the boiling point as long as water is present even while baking, p. 518.]

But an ordinary child can sterilize all the food it eats. Without heat or equipment and while eating with dirt-laden hands, the food is
sterilized. The stomach is left with no more bacteria than there were before eating: about 10 bacteria per teaspoonful of stomach juice. The
amazing chemical is simple hydrochloric acid. It could dissolve your teeth. It all depends on its concentration.

A child's stomach has 1000 times more hydrochloric acid (HCl) than most adults over 50 years (pH 2 versus pH 5; every pH number smaller
represents 10 times more acid). It is not surprising, then, that 2 drops of hydrochloric acid kills all the rabbit flukes, Ascaris eggs, tapeworm stages, and bacteria in an 8 oz. cup of 2% milk.

Would it not be wiser, though, to stimulate the stomach's own production of HCl rather than adding it belatedly. Indeed it would. But a way of doing this must first be discovered. This discovery would surely be the closest to the ‘fountain of youth' ever imagined." (taken from page 519 of A Cure for All Advanced Cancers by Hulda Regehr Clark.)

Even children, however, are getting cancer & degenerative illnesses at an increasing rate. The modern sugarized, chemicalized, nutrient devoid diet which causes digestive disorders is clearly a major contributory factor. Special attention should be given to good digestion at any age. Dowsing/ kinesiology/ MRT (Muscle Release Testing) are tools we can employ to determine individual deficiencies, corrective supplements, & maintenance dose.

All B vitamins are necessary in some way for proper digestion, though
some are required in greater amounts than others. The following are
needed as shown for good digestion, proper metabolism or absorption of
proteins, carbohydrates & fats.

Nutrients needed for:
PRODUCTION OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID: sodium (not table salt), B-1, B-3, B-5, B-6
PROTEIN USE / DIGESTION: sodium, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-12 (synthesis of), PABA, biotin,folic acid.
CARBOHYDRATES: B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5 (converts to energy), B-12, biotin
FAT DIGESTION/METABOLISM: choline, inositol, B-2, B-6, B-12, biotin, iodine
MINERAL ASSIMILATION: iodine; see also production of HCl

Amino acids are the building blocks for all enzyme manufacture. Amino
acids known to assist with utilization of foods: methionine is in demand
for many processes including the manufacture of bile for fat metabolism
and to produce cysteine, taurine, choline, lecithin, B-12 & adrenaline;
taurine & glycine are needed for bile production; arginine, glutamic
acid, lysine, serine, phenylalanine & ornithine are for fat metabolism.
Arginine, cysteine, & taurine are needed for insulin production.
Tryptophan, threonine & ornithine are for indigestion. Glutamine,
leucine, isoleucine & phenylalanine help with sugar balance/metabolism.
Likely, there will yet be discoveries of ways amino acids help with food
digestion & utilization. Therefore, a good amino acid complex would be
highly recommended at least until digestion & deficiencies are corrected.

For proper fat digestion, better all around health & to enhance the
lymph function, doing a liver/gall bladder flush has a profound cleansing
& healing effect. Children can also develop gall stones. Dr. William
Donald Kelley, whose program promptly started cancer patients on the gall
bladder flush, found that several cleanses were needed in order to remove
all the stones & old cholesterol layers. Nausea & appetite loss improve
after the gall bladder cleanse.

Cancer & digestion: It is not the eating of meat or dairy products that
causes cancer.
Rather, it is NOT DIGESTING the meat & dairy products because of
insufficient stomach acid
that leads to cancer in several ways: 1. resulting body starvation for
lack of amino acids needed in the digestive process, for the immune
system & for repair of organs, bone, muscle, cartilage, nerves,
hormones, enzymes etc. 2. undigested, proteins that are mucous forming
& unusable that consequently flood the body & overwork the 5 elimination
channels--colon, kidneys, lungs, skin, lymph which must remove this toxic
food waste accumulation, which condition is worsened by our highly
chemicalized environment of noxious fumes, toxic products, dyes, heavy
metals etc. that add to the burden of the overwhelmed elimination system.
3. inadequate production of hydrochloric acid required for mineral
absorption. 4. insufficient HCl in the stomach needed to kill all
ingested parasite stages (eggs, larvae, adults) which ravenous parasites
rob our immune system and other body functions of desperately needed food
nutrients keeping us forever fatigued & unable to attain good health.

Once hydrochloric acid production & digestion are impaired, proteins
needed for amino acid supplies are not being digested or metabolized. And
THAT is the reason a cancer patient should go off meats-- until the
digestion begins to repair, not that he does not need the protein. Far
from it! The cancer & parasites drain the host of what little energy &
nutrition is left so the cancer patient dies from starvation particularly
faulty protein metabolism & related toxicity rather than from the cancer
itself (Dr. William Donald Kelley, The Healthview Newsletter Vol. 1,
Number 5, 1978).

By eliminating meat & dairy from the diet, some have overcome cancer
because the malnourished digestive organs were given only easy to digest
foods & thus allowed to rest; meanwhile the impoverished, overwhelmed
immune system could thus focus on cleaning up the accumulated toxins &
undigested proteins before more could be added to the load. But there
are people whose metabolisms require some meat & the harm from going off
animal protein indefinitely may not show up till years later. Therefore,
taking digestive enzymes with meals while restoring the digestion one
would wisely, gradually get back on some meats & dairy, for though
reckless consumption of meats would not be prudent, a total vegetarian
diet on the other hand often causes problems years down the road if
followed for too long because the needs for proteins are not being met &
the body is forced to quietly, unbeknown to the individual, cannibalize
its own tissue which destruction may not become apparent til damage is

We know that appetite & good digestion require ample B vitamins. But the
dilemma is that cancer & degenerative conditions always involve parasites
which incessantly devour nutrients keeping the host forever anemic.
Typical daily supplement doses will never be enough as long as parasites
are present. The supplements feed these parasites but provide little
extra for the depleted individual. Therefore, taking synthetic vitamins
& minerals can impede the healing crisis needed to expel cancer &
degenerative disease, even assist the cancer/parasites to thrive. Along
with others, Dr. Max Gerson author of A Cancer Therapy found this to be
so. He allowed his patients only a food based B vitamin source [brewers
yeast/rice bran products] except for niacin & B-12 injectable to prevent
the cancer from growing. But thoroughly destroying the parasites BEFORE
taking supplements will protect the nutrient supplies for the needy
individual & prevent the cancer from enlarging at the same time.

Further, typical daily doses of B vitamins are simply not enough to
correct damages from extreme, long term depletion. Because pantothenic
acid (B-5) is in such great demand for so many body processes, it is
required in amounts 20 times greater than other vitamins. An adult could
need 4000--10,000 mg. pantothenic acid daily for a time to heal from the
ravages & emaciation of prolonged indigestion & stress. The amount of
B-5 recommended by Hulda Clark for advanced cancer patients, one tsp.
three times daily, more quickly improves hydrochloric acid supply for
better protein digestion & for strengthening the lymph & immune system
for carrying off the accumulated morbidity caused by indigestion &
environmental toxicity.

Choline can be needed in doses of 3000 mg. a day initially before there
is enough for proper fat digestion & for the manufacture of the brain
neurotransmitter acetylcholine as well. For advanced cancer conditions
Hulda Clark writes on p. 190, "Vitamin B1, take one, three times a day
(if appetite is good, take one a day)." Dr. William Campbell Douglass,
in his Dec, 1999 Second Opinion newsletter recommends 500 mg. B-1 twice
daily for lumpy breasts. Inositol is suggested in doses of 500 mg. two
to three times a day by Hulda Clark because each inositol molecule has
six oxygen molecules attached which would help in battling anaerobic

Restoring vitamin B-6 in doses high enough to produce HCl & for muscle
strength (one half of our B-6 supply is concentrated in the muscles &
used for energy), one often needs 250 mg. twice daily for about a month
before reducing to maintenance dose. A sick body needs at least 300 mg.
niacin per day, 100 mg. taken after each meal, to support digestion,
energy (ATP molecule), stress & nerves for relief of depression & other
negative emotional symptoms. Getting the nutrients back into the blood
starved brain is worth any inconvenience of the prickly but temporary,
harmless niacin flush (warm, red, itchy, blotchy skin reaction from
circulation increase). Vitamin B-2 is often so low that digestion is not
only hampered but the adrenals are injured requiring 400 mg. or more
daily for recovery. Here, again, muscle testing is an invaluable tool
for determining vitamin needs including specifics for reducing to
maintenance dosage.

"You need a continuous daily supply of sufficient protein in order to
maintain your body at the peak of efficiency. Protein cannot be stored
in the body for long. When the supply is depleted, the body is forced
to feed upon itself causing tissue and muscle breakdown in all parts of
it," p. 235 chapter 19 Know Your Nutrition by Linda Clark. No wonder
poor digestion leads to sagging muscles, fatigue, mental & emotional
maladies, blood sugar disorders, heart/liver/kidney deterioration,
nerve/sleep abnormalities, gray hair, premature aging & degenerative

When digestion, therefore, has been faulty for any length of time, 5--6
meals per day including more protein intake will be required to build the
amino acid reserves back to normal. Dr. William Donald Kelley recommends
including pre-digested protein to assist in this rebuilding effort.

Even a severely crippled digestion can be reversed by faithfully
supplying adequate amounts of the necessary nutrients, if the parasites
are first destroyed. Foods previously not tolerated like meats, cheeses
& dairy products can be gradually introduced & better utilized; food
combinations are found to be less troublesome provided the foods are
natural & if sugar which leeches the sodium/calcium is eliminated.

Exterminating the Parasites next
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Penny Cheesley
Posted on Friday, July 14, 2000 - 05:49 am:   

When life changing events happened to me ten years ago, I had a belief that I had work to do in a different way than before. To find out what that work might be and then to undertake it, I needed to recreate my health. I totally accepted and understood the principle that stress ie misuse of the adrenal system was the underlying cause of most illnesses. Therefore I searched for ways to reduce that stress in ways that suited me. I applied the principle of what gave me pleasure, even momentarily, I would acknowledge and allow myself to enjoy. I have to thank an psychotherapist I met who came from America and had N.American Indian heritage who followed the Buddhist teachings, for opening my mind to that.

I apply this to my clients, and just recently, to my daughter, directing their attention to natural beauty, like the petals of a pansy flower. Touching, smelling and studying the wonderful formation of that tiny flower. I walked with my dog and enjoyed her company and seeing her run in the woods. This helped reduce the over abundance of the Air element causing the panic attacks.

I researched Ingrid's work on the kitchen doctor and again applied what I knew was OK for me. I reduced red meat to allow my digestion to regain its natural abilities. I eliminated dairy products and sugar to help prevent build up of fluids in my breasts and lymph glands. I used Soy products where possible.

To help me regain health, I used herbs, vitamins and minerals. The principle I applied was that my system was lacking certain essentials, and that it knew what I needed, for example, I found out that I needed zinc and that this helped me very much. I followed what Ingrid had pioneered and worked with a naturpath for years.

Where I lived continued to revive the memories of the bad experiences, so I moved. I went to a place where I had known I would live from the time I first went there that gave me a great sense of freedom and new life

It took me nearly three years to be completely free of the panic attacks.

For the record, I chose to take Hormone Replacement Therapy during that time, prioritising on reducing the immediate symptoms of menopause. I switched to natural progesterone and oestragen products three years ago, and a cystic disease of my breasts has completely disappeared. My body knew what it needed.

My clients respond to the gentle regime of caring for themselves and they tell me they feel more able to cope when they follow these and their own ideas.

What was the work I was meant to do? I believe it was to spread the word in whatever way was right.

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Posted on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 03:54 pm:   

Thanks, Penny!

I'm going to start a new discussion on energetics.

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