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Basal Cell Carcinomas

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Basal Cell OintmentStrong as an Eagle04-25-04  04:18 pm
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Basal cell carcinomas respond extremely well to escharotic pastes, but treatment should never be started before reading the book, Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment. Supervision is also advisable, especially when the lesion is on the face.

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Posted on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 11:34 pm:   

I have been looking for information on your site for suitable herbs/herbal formulas for treatment of skin cancer and casal cell carcinomas and haven't been able to find anything.
Could you please advise me, or provide some references?

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Posted on Friday, December 07, 2001 - 04:42 am:   

Gosh! I thought there were dozens of pages devoted to this. Throughout, I state that basal cell carcinomas are easily treated with bloodroot pastes.
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Posted on Friday, February 08, 2002 - 07:19 pm:   

Dear Ingrid,

Taking a lead from your Cancer Salves, I have been treating a basal cell carcinoma for three weeks 24 hours a day) with David Christopher's Deep Heating Herbal Balm, which appears to be the Red Sun Balm (Christopher products have nothing by that name, but the ingredients are similar).

The color of the growth has changed to white, and there are white postules on it, as well as a ring of red skin around it with what appears to be white dead skin on top.

(I used David Christopher's Black Ointment for a month first, but it did not affect the growth. Then I began to use the cayenne salve in the day and the black ointment at night. Not much result. So I went exclusively to the red salve.)

Did I correctly understand your reference to this method, that it is an alternative to bloodroot? Am I expecting too much too soon? If so, what can I expect over time?

I will appreciate your response.

I very much value the scholarship that went into your book. The objective attitude with which you approach the subject and the calm manner in which you express your personal values led me to have confidence in what you had to say. Not incidentally, the index is excellent and makes the book easy to use.


David Epley, Tucson, AZ
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Posted on Tuesday, February 12, 2002 - 01:53 am:   

Thank you for the kind comments.

The cayenne salve is the escharotic. Starting off with the "Black Ointment" probably did not harm but also did not help. The language is confusing to many.

With the "Black Salve" approach, the black or bloodroot salve is used prior to the yellow one; however, with the Christopher products, it is the cayenne (red) that is used to create the escharotic effect and the black ointment (which does not contain any bloodroot) is used later.

You seem to be on the right track now.

Good luck.
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Posted on Sunday, March 03, 2002 - 02:36 pm:   

Hi, I used a product called Cansema after reading about black Ointment treatments for basal cell cancer. I went through a 10 day healing with the scab falling off at that time. Now I have an irregular shaped indentation and redness around the area. Is this a normal part of the healing process and how long does the redness last? Does the indentation (about 1/32 inch deep) fill in with new skin?
Thanks for your help, Robert
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Posted on Sunday, March 03, 2002 - 08:05 pm:   


The redness sometimes doesn't go away at all. If you use something like my Golden Myrrical or one of the anti-scarring ointments or even German Kermesberro, it might heal better (like beautifully.)
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Posted on Sunday, August 25, 2002 - 10:59 pm:   

Hi Ingrid,
Was fascinated by your book, glancing thru it in the health food store. A good friend of mine is using salves for her breast cancer. My question is this: I am starting to get more and more of the crusty skin cancers and have had two squamous cell skin cancers cut off. Since then have learned it is not good to cut them as the roots get reabsorbed into your system and can erupt elsewhere. Is this correct? If so, can you recommend a salve that will work on squamous cell skin cancers. I believe in your book somewhere you mention a place in Germany where you can buy salves. I will be in Santa Fe for a 10 day Vipassana Meditation retreat which ends Sept 8 and would like to call you on Sept 9 before I leave on the 10th. Would that be possible? Either way I would love to hear from you about the salves. Thank you so much.

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Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2002 - 01:29 am:   

Dear Barbara,

The sources for salves are listed on this site on:

I hope you enjoy the retreat, but I don't live in Santa Fe any longer! It's lovely there and you should find yourself much closer to Nirvana!
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Posted on Friday, September 20, 2002 - 12:19 am:   

u didn't comment on the squamous cell carcinoma popping up elsewhere after surgery=I also feel this way===di u?? And why? Do squamous cell cancers have roots?Can u use salves on larger cancers size of a quarter? Gail Ginobbi
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Posted on Saturday, September 21, 2002 - 02:31 am:   

The largest tumor to have been removed in the last few years was by a woman with breast cancer. The tumor weighed 4.5 pounds when it came out. The process was very challenging and took many months, but she succeeded and it has now been a couple of years since this event. She is doing well, but she was very well supported by her family and practitioner throughout the entire process. She was also highly motivated and intelligently prepared. This said, I feel her situation should be encouraging to others.

Squamous cell carcinomas can metastasize so the question is what do you mean by roots? Is the cancer independent of the rest of the physical (and emotional) condition? No, it has its origins somewhere. Did it arise from within and appear on the surface, i.e. as Dr. Christopher said, the sun only brings latent conditions to the surface the way its light ripens fruit. Or, did the tumor appear on the surface and sink roots down into the blood stream and lymphatic channels and use these circulatory systems to spread to other parts of the body. Choose the belief that suits your mind and see where it leads your thoughts.

Best wishes,
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Tom Travis
Posted on Tuesday, February 04, 2003 - 09:58 pm:   

Ingrid, as a youth, I spent way too much time in the sun and now I am paying for it with unhealing lesions on my face.

I went to a dermatologist and had 6 lesions removed by freezing.

I have a lesion between the bridge of my nose and my eye(less than 1/2 inch away from the tear duct). The doctor said that this lesion should be biopsied to find out if it is cancerous. She said it is not melanoma, but could be another form of cancer.

I am concerned that the biopsy could be dangerous. Should this lesion be agitated in this way? If this lesion is cancerous, considering its close proximity to my eye, can it stil be removed escarotically?

Also, are there treatments that are effective in healing skin damage, before it becomes cancerous?

Thanks for your help!!
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Posted on Thursday, February 06, 2003 - 09:40 pm:   


There are so many theories on this. The dermatologist has already spoken. In her opinion, it should be biopsied. The language most doctors use in such instances is, "There is very little danger of dissemination." You obviously are concerned with precisely this issue so how much danger is "very little?"

The other part of this question might be the unspoken one: are there other ways to determine whether or not something is malignant. There are, in fact, some blood tests. If these were positive, you would have increased grounds for a serious look at the lesions. If they were not, you might be right back where you are now.

Could you take internal tonics just to see if the growth disappears? Yes, you could do this providing you are convinced that there is no additional risk posed by delaying 3-6 weeks to determine whether or not the lesion is softening or reducing in size. Depending on what the dermatologist advises, this could be an option.

Sometimes, doctors say, "Well, I don't know. Come back in two months." It seems this is not quite what she said so perhaps you need to ask point blank what her educated guess is.

There are liquid products that can be dabbed on lesions that are located in places that do not lend themselves to bandaging. You simply need to have a plan and proper supervision so you don't become the one to make things worse.

According to Ayurveda, the skin reflects the condition of the colon. Therefore, anything you do that improves assimilation, peristalsis, flora balance, toxic conditions of the colon, and transit time is ultimately going to exhibit in more beautiful skin, this usually about 2-3 months after the colon condition is corrected.

Another theory is that lesions on the skin are like fruit on a tree: they ripen when exposed to the sun. Therefore, even what appears to be a localized condition is really only part of a more systemic condition. If you treat yourself as if the worst were true, whatever is there could disappear.

The main risk of such strategies is that if you are not assessing the response accurately, you could mistake feeling better for getting rid of something you don't want. Therefore, it pays to have someone objective, someone with a trained eye and experience, and someone grounded in reality going through the process with you.

No two people wear the same mocassins, but you might tell the dermatologist that you are inclined to try some detoxification regimes and immune boosting measures and would like to know whether or not she could monitor your progress and whether she thinks waiting a few weeks is foolish. If her head bobbles, you know what she is really thinking; but if she says you are crazy, it means her mind is closed. If she says, "Sure," you have a plan that is a fair compromise between do nothing denial and premature panic.

In any event, I would suggest being very aware of how things like sunglasses or other glasses fit. You want the lymphatic system to be able to carry off any die off so you do not want any pressure at all on the bridge of the nose or the nose itself.
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Tom Travis
Posted on Thursday, February 06, 2003 - 10:39 pm:   


Thanks for your help and very useful information!

You quoted "There are liquid products that can be dabbed on lesions that are located in places that do not lend themselves to bandaging. You simply need to have a plan and proper supervision so you don't become the one to make things worse."

Can you guide me to the above stated liquid products and possibly to a practitioner that can give me proper supervision?

Thanks again,

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Posted on Sunday, February 09, 2003 - 02:55 pm:   

Can you send me an email privately that gives a location?

The Fox Liniment is one of the products we provide to practitioners, mostly veterinarians, who have some experience with products that do not require dressings.
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Posted on Sunday, April 27, 2003 - 12:57 pm:   

Dear Ingrid,

Several years ago I successfully used a salve to remove a large wart my son had on his hand. (It was given to him by his stepmom who only said it was a Native American recipe - I'm fairly certain it contains bloodroot.) The wart was enucleated and fell out in a matter of days, perhaps a week. This same salve resurfaced about a week ago from amidst a pile of similarly "unfound" items and I decided to use it on what I have believed to be a wart on my shin. I applied the salve two times over the course of two days - 12 hours each application. There was an immediate reaction, turning the center of the "wart" green-brown and producing quite a bit of inflammation around the circumference. I treated for pain and anti-microbal activity with a poultice of calendula, st. john's wort, white willow and a bit of goldenseal & echinacea in a calendula cearate base. I have been surprised to see that the original round shape of the reaction site has grown and changed to a rather irregular one, with the dark nucleus remaining within a soft, seemingly liquid white/yellow mass. There is very little inflammation left, no real pain (although a bit of itching) and a tiny bit of seepage. While a definite shape with a clearly defined outline is apparent, it doesn't seem to me that enucleation is taking place. Rather, it appears that the tissue surrounding the small, dark center has liquified and is ready to be discharged. My question is this: in a similar situation would you 1) be patient, do nothing; 2) apply a drawing salve to encourage drainage; 3) use an enucleating salve.

I am grateful for any feedback you might offer. As an herbalist, I feel a bit of the fool for using a product I wasn't thoroughly familiar with - previous success made me less discerning than I might have been. At the very least, I do now have cause to wonder if I'm actually dealing with a wart at all or something more serious...time will tell..Thank you for your work - your book was a voice in the wilderness when my mother was dying from lung cancer three years ago. It was too late to treat her with escharotics but reading "Cancer Salves" helped restore my badly shaken faith in the power of nature to heal.

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Posted on Monday, April 28, 2003 - 11:50 pm:   


Oh, these are difficult questions. I think bloodroot pastes react with warts that are viral in origin so the fact that you got a reaction does not mean that you have cancer. Really, all we know is that your body reacted to what you used, but the odds of an infection in this area of the body are quite a bit greater than many suspect. Between dental issues and tonsils, I think many people have "stuff going on" in this area so a reaction can mean that something not quite connected to the wart is also taking the opportunity to announce its presence.

I suspect that by shifting to an entirely different concoction so quickly after launching the bloodroot that you thwarted some of the plans the bloodroot might have had. Now, it is probably throwing a fit because it is so aggressive compared to everything you brought in after the reaction got going.

I think the question is what to do? It's hard to say. Definitely, keep something happening until you know what you are dealing with and how to resolve it. You might try something with a little fresh poke root. It's nasty, too, but not quite as bad as bloodroot and if you cut it back with the white willow and goldenseal, it shouldn't interfere with your eating or sleep but the detoxifying action would continue along with some enucleation.

Good luck!
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Posted on Thursday, October 23, 2003 - 02:29 am:   

I have put black salve on 18 different spots which have had ingrown hairs over the last five years. Some of the hairs came out in the past, but most not. I have had increasingly hard and dark scars in these spots for 5 years. Two were removed before I tried the salve and found non-cancerous. Of the 18 spots, seven have become reactive with the salve, with large red inflamed areas, and two are almost enucleated, the others hardened to irregular black indentions surrounded by a green-blue matter and sebacous and infected matter, which comes off while bathing? I have no idea where I'm headed here. Help!!

I am curious what this might mean. I have been told that biopsing these are not possible because the enucleated material is necrotic.

How do I tell what I have and how do I continue? I have read Cancer Salves and am unable to find any answers for those without cancer. What to do?
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Posted on Saturday, October 25, 2003 - 01:05 pm:   

I have no idea. I have not seen this condition very often. When I have, the sites affected have been under the arm. Personally, I am hesitant to use black salves under the arms because hygienic issues would arise.

To draw out morbid material, you might try German Kermesberro Ointment. It's a "black salve" but not an escharotic. It does not contain zinc chloride. It is used mainly to absorb material that is near the surface. It is painless but messy.

On the scars and other hardened masses, you have a bigger challenge. We have a scar ointment in testing phase. It's quite elegant, but it has essential oils and might sting a bit under the arms.

As for how to diagnose the condition, I am clueless. This is a task for someone with the proper facilities who can observe the treatment area and determine whether or not to biopsy the area. What you have learned about the difficulty in analyzing necrotized tissue is correct, however, it might be possible to have the exudate examined. In any event, detoxifying regimes might reduce the risk of contamination of other parts of the body.
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Barbara Evans
Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 - 07:53 pm:   

Exactly one year ago, I was cleaning my mother's dishwasher and had my fingers on the side where the door hinges. The top (cuticle) of my nail caught on the hinge and it hurt like heck. It was red and sore for a few months and then it got a latge blister type thing form around it and very painful. Went to the doctor and he said it was a wart and froze it. Nothing much happened and he froze it a second time. This time my whole finger tip got infected. Docor still insists it is a wart and wants to freeze a third time. What is weird is that this spot flames up and the blister forms and the pain is excrutiating as this blister forms. It lasts for about 4 days and the blister dissapears then have a dry skin scab left. About 4 days without it a sharp pain hits my cuticle area and this unbeararable pain starts again and the blister reforms. The blister never breaks and when I have tried ti pierce the skin with a needle it is so painful and only a very thick brown clear liquid comes out. Any ideas??? I have had this for a year now and dont know what to do.
Thank you so much
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Posted on Friday, April 30, 2004 - 12:06 pm:   


You might try a combination of systematically detoxifying herbs and then something more specific topically that might draw out the fluids. German Kermesberro is painless and detoxifying when used externally. There are many good internal preparations. Let all of us know how this works because we can all learn something. When you have an injury and do not heal right, it's wise to suspect a more general problem, like blood chemistry issues. Otherwise, the immune cells would rush to the scene of the accident and keep everything clean and healthy.

Good luck.
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Dian Pinchera
Posted on Saturday, May 15, 2004 - 10:51 am:   

In September of 2002, my German Shepherd (who was a stray and had been treated for heartworms the few months previous) developed bumps. One was on his back, another on his muzzle. The vet removed these and sent these off to be biopsied. The diagnosis was "malignant histiocytosis." Research revealed this was a systemic cancer bomb and almost every dog who got it died within a year, with or without chemotherapy. I did find a study about a research medicine called TALL-104 that cured all of the 4? or 6? dogs in the study. I tracked down the researcher to find out where I could get this treatment, but was told the company that sponsored the study would not produce the medicine because it was "too expensive." Next, I got a copy of a canine anatomy book to determine in what system these tumors were formed. The tumors on the back and muzzle corresponded to the lymph system.
My dog responded for a while to a treatment of 1/4 tablet of prednisone per day, but developed some weird breathing thing, so we weaned him off of that. The spot on his back was strange: the bump reappeared, would wax and wane in growth and heat. No hair grew back on this spot.
I found a local practitioner with a portable Light Beam Generator machine from I felt very sad when i saw the machine was merely a paddle with a blinking light, but decided to use the machine since I'd paid to rent it. Over a weekend, I treated the spot and lymph flow system on my dog for hours. I returned the machine and let go of my disappointment and frustration. One month later, I noticed the bump had disappeared and hair had grown back in.

Now, my dog has devloped another "hot spot" near his tail, and a fluid type tumor on his left front leg. It does not seem to bother him much, but I am worried. I would like to treat this area with a salve. Can you recommend one? I would be able to bandage it on him. Are there internal herbs that would work to cleanse the lymph system of a canine?

Thank you for your help.
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Posted on Monday, May 17, 2004 - 02:06 am:   


You seem to be doing a lot of really important research. I hope it helps your dog and many others. If you have read much on this site, you will see that despite authoring the book, I am very conservative in how and when I use the black salve. I would consider using it internally, but I would also look for the absolute best brand of dog food, maybe something you make yourself, and some internal herbs, perhaps something like the Artemisia annua or a general tonic. They wouldn't hurt and could possibly help.

So far as the beam goes, I think you need to give these methods time just as the changes in diet and supplementation take time. The body has to rearrange quite a bit to respond.

It is also worth trying different kinds of water to see if your dog prefers some. They are so much more sensitive to smell than we are.

Good luck. I know you are doing your best and your friend knows this. He must appreciate your effort and sense your frustration.
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Jennie Lou
Posted on Sunday, May 23, 2004 - 08:44 pm:   

A biopsy on a tiny spot on my ankle revealed a basal cell carcinoma. I was advised by a dedicated health professional, not a physician, that a black salve had worked for him and several of his colleagues. I ordered the black salve which contains bloodroot, frankensence, and zinc chloride. After a few days with no reaction, I felt a very small lump about a half inch away from the cancer which was the size of a small freckle. I put some black salve on both the spot and the lump. Soon, the lump reacted and formed a tiny pustule which grew with each day. I kept re-applying the black salve and today, more than a week later, I have a significant red area with a large pustule in the center, the entire area now the size of the end of my small finger. Fortunately, I have experienced absolutely no pain but occasionally itching.

Should I continue as I have been? The internal specialist, an MD who is a naturopathic physician saw it last week when I was beginning the salve and felt fine with it although she was sorry that there was no chaparrel in the salve.

I am taking several supplements to support my immune system. Am I on the right track? Do I keep applying the salve daily? Does it truly sound like cancer or something else?

I received your name through the Wellness Directory and now am most anxious to read your book which I had not heard of previously.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

Jennie Lou Klim
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Chris Pyle
Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 - 11:34 pm:   

Hello, I have been using the Black Salve containing Bloodroot for a couple of years now and am very pleased with the results. Being a blue eyed red head and ignorant sun worshiper when I was young, I am 55 now, I do not need to tell you the skin problems I am having.
Some where I read about using black salve in shampoo in a diluted form. I have had a spot on my scalp starting out the size of my little finger nail growing to about an inch and a half long by an inch wide in a few months. Small whitish shiny bumps like clusters.I have many pictures to document the process/progress. The area reacted violently to the Black Salve. I had to treat it three times over three months to finally get what I think is all of it. But I am concerned it might come back or I might have missed some. It is so hard to see in my hair and on the side of my head. I can only use the mirror and a camera to monitor the progress.
Having so many spots on my skin that are either cancerous or precancerous I was not surprised when gently rinsing some of the black salve and gunk and ooz from the treated area on my scalp that several spots on my forehead reacted lightly when just the small amount of Black salve washed across them. I thought maybe the shampoo mixture might keep the scalp thing from coming back and continue to remove any that might be left.

My biggest problem now is I have over 100 small wart looking spots all over my legs that are multiplying fast! About 20 years ago I had the same things frozen off around my ankles. This was when I still had medical insurance. The Doctor then said they were precancerous. I am already exhausted from treating the spot on my scalp and another spot on my leg which was a basil cell. It just fell out this afternoon.It has been almost 4 weeks of pain. I feel tired and want to rest but these things on my legs are every where and I am starting to worry.

I have your book and am confused about which to use on these crusty wart looking spots. I do not know if I have it in me to treat each and every one with the black salve. I did take a months worth of the Black Salve pills called Native Cure Black Salve, in January.I took them one BID. I felt ill taking them but did a months worth. Within a few days of starting on them I broke out in pustules all down my back and top of my thighs about pantie line. Thirty or forty of them. They were very painful but healed in a week. They left dark purple spots that have now faded after 5 months.

I am so grateful for all you have done researching the Black Salve and other herbal treatments. the end of my nose would be gone now if it weren't for the Black Salve. I already lost my lower eyelid years ago to the knife. Any suggestions especially the amount of Black Slave to use in the shampoo would be wonderful.
Thank You Chris Pyle
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Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2004 - 12:29 pm:   

Jennie Lou,

There are so many products out there, it's impossible to know which ones work in which manner. I try to keep track of them, but there are new products popping up all the time. This one is new or sounds new. Most of the products are made with bloodroot and galangal. I have not seen anything to suggest that putting chaparral into these preparations improves their action, but I have seen two products containing chaparral. This said, there is nothing about these ointments that convinces me that they are superior to the others. We simply do not know which ingredients are producing the most reaction in the safest way. It will take much more experiment to get to this point.

If you are in contact with the producer of the product you are using, you might suggest to him or her that a small sample is sent to me. Usually what happens to these samples is that I give them to someone I know, a doctor or naturopath, and ask them to observe the action. If we are satisfied, I add that product to our sources page. If not, nothing happens because I do not say anything about the products that failed to impress me.

I wish you luck!
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Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2004 - 12:45 pm:   


What an innovative approach. I want to take a little time responding because you are bringing up so many issues in one small post.

First, as is evident in your situation, whatever is going on with you is systemic, not localized. I know many Vietnam vets who took bloodroot pastes internally and broke out everywhere as you seem to have done. The people I have heard from were all exposed to Agent Orange and all have had ongoing health issues since Vietnam.

Hoxsey and those carrying on his work in Mexico have suggested that people use the internal tonic for some months BEFORE starting on the external treatments. If the condition is not immediately life-threatening, I think this is a good idea because it will tend to reduce the number of eruptions and limit some of the unpredictability of the action of the pastes.

I also think that in your case in particular, there is room to consider the possibility of a viral infection or possibly even an allergy, but I suspect the former. If immune boosting herbs are taken internally, you will support your health in a meaningful way and perhaps narrow the treatment sites to what is manageable for you in your exhausted state of being. Some liver herbs would help also. Obviously, I don't want to prescribe or appear to be prescribing. You know I usually suggest seeing a practitioner who can supervise you, but I get the feeling you are exploring new frontiers and that you might not take the advice anyway.

As you might see, I am more cautious in the use of bloodroot than many of those reading my book. I save it as a last resort, not because it is the strongest, but because it is the least predictable and the most aggressive. Therefore, putting it into shampoo is quite literally hair raising. It's a brilliant idea, in theory, but in actuality, you have no idea what might happen, probably very little because the contact is brief. This said, some of the shampoo would be absorbed through the scalp and this is truly a good time to consider Boswellia serrata or one of the herbs with berberine, like Oregon grape root. It's interesting that you and Jennie Lou wrote at similar times. Boswellia serrata is a kind of Indian frankincense that has been researched in conjunction with certain kinds of brain tumors. I am glad to hear of all the experiments people are engaged in, but try to look at the underlying causes and see the skin as an eliminatory organ. If you detoxify internally, the skin will be less burdened. When you force the detoxification to move too quickly, you will see eruptions all over the place because the skin will take over some of the work of the other eliminatory organs.

Take care and be gentle!
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Chris Pyle
Posted on Thursday, June 03, 2004 - 01:04 am:   

Thank You Ingrid,
I am sorry I have been so long in responding back to your post to me. My husband and I take care of the cemeteries in our small town and with Memorial Day we were very busy. Of course we had to jump right in mowing again after so the last week has been pretty hectic.

I did try to find The Trifolium you speak about in your book with no luck. I am feeling brain dead about now putting one foot in front of the other and doing day by day. Can you direct me to it? Or did you mean I needed to prepare it myself? I saw the recipe in your book.

The shampoo idea is not mine I know I read it somewhere on the internet in reading about black salve. Then, having the experience with rinsing the spot on my head and the rinse water running across my forehead where I had some more spots that I had planned to treat later. They reacted to just the small amount of black salve that was in the rinse water and for the very short time it was on them. They turned white and dried up and were gone and there does not look to be anything there now.Very painless which made me very happy. I know time will tell. What made me think again about reading about the shampoo.

I got brave and had my husband look at the place I had been treating on my scalp and he said there is one little tiny spot in question. Maybe just a small scab with some healing going on. He said it does not look like the shiny bumps I had before.I can not feel anything with my finger but the small ruff spot so I am waiting to see what happens.

I was reading about the adrenal shutdown. I had that many years ago due to severe stress. I am there again I need to get a handle on all of this. I think I need to let go and not push so hard. I will keep looking for the immune boosting things I need. I have been taking vitamins. I was lax with them but have been back on them for about two months now.

Thank You again. I really am trying to help myself I just can not think very well right now.

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Posted on Monday, June 07, 2004 - 12:57 am:   


I think it's wiser to look for the deeper cause. Sure, I could let you buy the Sundance (trifolium) or an immune formula or an adrenal formula, but if you do all this without finding out what is draining your energy, you may be nipping at symptoms without removing the cause.

I remain very impressed with your response to the rinse. It's remarkable and wonderful. Take care.
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Chris Pyle
Posted on Tuesday, June 08, 2004 - 10:46 pm:   

Dear Ingrid,

Well I think I know what is causing some if not most of my problems. One word will cover most of it Stress. Loosing my Mom and Dad within 6 weeks of each other and the way the family treated me because I was adopted. Like they are gone so I do not matter and they do not have to be nice to me any more and they aren't. OK fine I am almost 55 years old I guess I don't need a family anymore. I played their adoption game like I was supposed to, very sad. Then my husband wanting to move, so we sold our house and moved 30 miles away but still keeping the job we had in the "old" town. Loosing our 16 year old dog and my darling pet cow and just last month my 14 year old kitty. To say nothing of dealing with all the skin problems. Now my husband wanting to go back to the town we moved from a year and a half ago, telling me in March right after I finally completed a 6 year job rebuilding the cemetery maps where we work, so I got our place sold and another one bought or working on it as in escrow. All this happening within the last two years. Do I need any more reasons for my problems. Oh Yah I forgot about menopause. LOL At least I can sort of laugh about it all.

So I know I know I need to de-stress. When we get moved I plan to. Some of the stress is my fault some of it is not . In the mean time I am exhausted. When my adrenal problems happened before the Dr put me on thyroid. I can feel you rolling your eyes. Now I have as much trust in doctors as I can put in a teaspoon.Afraid to try to go off the thyroid and fat as a pig.

I am desperate for the energy to get through the summer and this move. We are so lucky to have sold our house to friends. We are buying their house they buying ours.We are working out the logistics of switching houses which will get interesting before it is over.So one big stress behind me.Sort of.

I know you can not prescribe .I am going to try to find the Sundance adrenal formula. I think if I were not so run down I could handle things better. Even being exhausted I could only sleep a few hours last night. I am willing to try anything , well almost anything, to help get me beyond or over the hurdle.Then maybe the adrenial formula will help the other problem too??

I am going to try an experiment on those wart looking things in just one small area on my leg. I am going to put a small amount of the black salve in a dab of shampoo and wash the area and rinse to see what happens. I think I will wait another week or so. The basil cell just finished on my leg. Looks great. I feel confident it is gone now. The first time I thought it was done it started acting up again. This time the bottom of the hole looks all clear and healed.With having to run mowers and weed eaters day after day hauling irrigation lines around it is difficult to treat something on my leg.

I can't thank you enough for your help and concern. I am off to see if I can find this Sundance. Thank You Again Chris
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Posted on Monday, June 14, 2004 - 02:01 am:   

Perhaps you need to be peaceful with your grief so that the changes you are anticipating can occur with a sense of excitement rather than apprehension about the stress. I am not suggesting that you have not experienced a truly tremendous amount of loss and stress and sorrow; I am merely proposing that you take the time to let go on as deep a level as possible so that there is space within you for the new to establish itself.

Good luck.
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Posted on Tuesday, July 27, 2004 - 07:41 pm:   

Dear Ingrid

I do not have a specific question. Im just curious to know if you think I am on the right track.

Six weeks ago I applied black salve (bloodroot, red clover, galangal, sorrel) to a basal cell spot on my forehead. From the beginning, I knew there were two complications. The first is that a dermatologist had partially removed the basal tumor months before and then told me that I needed Mohs technique (surgery) to remove the roots of the tumor. Instead, I chose to use the black salve. Due to the earlier surgery, I knew there would be scar tissue. The second complication is that I have had 2 incidences of breast cancer in the past 15 years. The first incidence was a garden-variety, proliferating cancer, but did not appear to metastasize. The second incidence was 5 years ago, and was an encapsulated DCIS tumor. After reading your book, I anticipated that a cancer salve treatment would possibly help me deal with my systemic issues with cancer.

My first week, after liberally applying the salve for several days, seemed to be going according to the book. Blisters formed, a circular ridge formed around the basal area, and liquid oozed out and encrusted. I now had what appeared to be a small toxic dump sitting on my forehead, slowing getting taller as time passed. There has continued to be minor oozing up to the present time.

There was inflammation around the area, my eyes were swollen, I had a little fever, and manageable pain. This all passed after which I had 3 days that were more or less symptom free.

The third week, I started making the scratches and applying more salve. I had a curious incident at the start of this phase. I had a cold sweat and swooned a bit, with a hissing sound in my ears. Afterwards I was very calm and peaceful. I decided to move to a friends house for care and supervision.

The pain increased, I had severe diarrhea, a 102-degree fever, and a faster heartbeat. I slept for most of the week, doing my best to manage pain and my other symptoms. I used bentonite clay internally and Echinacea to help with detoxing and lots of water and electrolytes. I also used citrus seed extract, just in case the diarrhea was a bug. The fever normalized in a day or two, and the diarrhea normalized over the next week.

During this detox phase, my eyelids turned orange and molted. Over the years I had noticed an orange tint in my eyelids that came and went. This was also true of a friend of my who had breast cancer.

My tongue was very red, with bright yellow moss in the center. This symptom passed during the fourth week.

The pain finally subsided during the fifth week. I went off my pain medication, and once again started making scratches in the eschar and applying more salve. I was still sleeping most of the time, and finally resting because the pain was once again manageable.

The sixth week, I returned home and had more energy for my normal daily activities. I noticed the eschar was slipping down my forehead a bit, from the pull of gravity, I suppose. This created a small cavernous hole at the top of the eschar. I used this opportunity to apply more black salve. This brought some pain back, but the pain subsided after a few days.

Now, I am in my seventh week. The Eschar is very dried out and seems to be detaching around the bottom, but is still firmly attached at the top. I have decided to discontinue making the scratches and applying more salve, hoping I have done enough of that!

The process is taking much longer than I anticipated. Hence, I wonder if I am on the right track.

However, I also remind myself that before I began, I wrote down my intentions, which included the hope that I would rid my body of all cancer, and of the cancer process itself. During this soon to be 2-month period, I have truly stopped my regular achievement-oriented life to focus on healing. Ive experienced emotional ups and downs, and now have a feeling of more inner calm and peace. The healing journey is not new to me, as I have worked diligently for 15 years on nutrition, relaxation and body movement.

As a child I had bad migraine headaches and always fantasized about opening up my forehead and taking all the goopout.

So, here I am, many years later in a small pueblo in Oaxaca, Mexico, a 55 year old ex-patriot, somewhat isolated from my usual sources of herbal products and alternative health practitioners. I have found a curandero who will be available to work with me in mid-August, as well as an excellent homeopathic practitioner in Oaxaca City.

If you have any suggestions for me, I would be most grateful. Thank you for your excellent book, which has become my constant companion.

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Posted on Monday, August 02, 2004 - 04:33 pm:   

Dear Ingrid

With the help of the waning of the blue moon, the echar fell off this morning. The original application of salve was June 12.
I feel better, much lighter and more energetic. The only sensation in the area is a very slight achy feeling.

The area is oblong shaped, somewhere between the size of a quarter and a half dollar. The top part is crusty. This does not surprise me, as this was the last area to detach. Below this, there is a dime shaped area of bone. And below this, is an area that has some whitish, tumorish looking things, about half the size of a dime. Im hoping that the next time I look, this area will be all cleaned up and pink.
I have a friend who is an oncology nurse who is coming over to give her opinion.

I am using goldenseal and bentonite clay to protect the area. There is no sign of infection, although the skin surrounding the site is red, as it has been for much of the past 6 weeks.

I am now faced with a difficult decision. It is hard to contemplate using more salve. It is also hard not to complete the process, when I have come this far.

Do you have any advice for me. If I sent a digital photo, would that be helpful?

Thanks for this opportunity to share my experience.

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Posted on Wednesday, August 04, 2004 - 02:55 pm:   

Dear Ingrid
Progress here in Oaxaca. My friends and I reached a consensus that my wound is cancer free.
What a relief for me. Now I am concerned with wound care. There is still some crustiness that needs to detach at the top of the site. The bottom area is dry. I decided to put the golden myrrical on the bottom 2/3 of the area, and leave the top part alone. Any suggestions?
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Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 - 09:59 am:   


Sorry to be so tardy responding. I admire your determination. I was in Europe and between schedules and technological frustrations, I had very limited internet access.

For the benefit of those who might be studying your process in an effort to determine how they might manage their own challenges, I might say that internal detoxification would probably have made the use of the external treatments much easier, but, for you, this was a very personal process and obviously had much to do with the visions you had of how to address the migraines.

At this point, you want the site to heal and to be scar-free. Ideally, you would be able to use the German Kermesberro and then the Feathered Turtle, but I do not know if you would have access to these in Oaxaca. At minimum, you should use turmeric in an ointment form to reduce the scarring. Helichrysum essential oil would also help.

In answer to your question about a photo, yes, digital photos always help.

I hope you are totally on the mend now.
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Posted on Wednesday, August 25, 2004 - 11:55 am:   

Dear Ingrid
Thanks for your post. Yes, im on the mend now.
halleluia. . . I have a second scab, and am using lots of turmeric, plus a local herb that comes from the bark of a tree. Im on my way to the USA soon, and will also use the herbs you have recommended. Yes, an internal detox would definitely have helped. Even though i have been detoxing for 10 years, I would still recommend a specific and thorough detox before using the salve. Thanks again for all your research.
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Posted on Tuesday, October 12, 2004 - 11:37 pm:   

I applied Cansema to a suspicious mole on my forearm four days ago. It began reacting immediately and I kept the spot bandaged. Today, while changing the bandage, the eschar pulled off prematurely. Should I wait for some initial healing before re-applying Cansema again? I'm left with a very sore and achey arm, and a raw, pea-sized indention. I don't know what would have happened had the eschar been able to fall off on its own, so I worry that there is still more cancer lurking.
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Posted on Thursday, October 14, 2004 - 02:13 am:   


If the bandage adhered to the eschar, it might have come off prematurely; however, if it just fell off, you didn't do anything wrong. It's always difficult to know whether you got it all in the first round. This is the trickiest part of the process and an expert opinion is not to be underestimated.

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