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Posted on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 04:16 pm:   

Several of you have posted your researches and experiences. I just want to bring out a couple of points.

While diet, good nutrition, and a harmonious outlook no doubt contribute to healing, there is, in my view, no "one size fits all."

Two stories illustrate this. Many, many years ago, the boyfriend of one of my students was told he had three months to live. He walked out of the hospital. This kind of news is sometimes called the "golden handshake" because it is carte blanche to explore wherever you need to look in order to find something not offered by conventional medicine.

Contrary to what some of you imagine, I am not 100% opposed to allopathic medicine, but that really another subject.

This young man went to Mexico, bought laetrile, and was arrested on his re-entry into the country for possession of a vitamin. He was in a Federal Prison counting off his days and processing his life. This was in the early 70s and he is very much alive and well today, living a wonderful and fulfilling life--as an environmental activist--that is passionate and full of conviction. We are still in touch which is a blessing for me as well.

The point is that this man did not have any medical treatment at all, and the one thing upon which he felt his life depended was taken away from him. He ate prison food and basically did almost nothing on the "to do" list for highly motivated patients. His shifts were therefore entirely internal and his wellness probably affected my career more than any other patient because I had an opportunity to see his inner life.

The second story is recent. A few days ago, three cancer patients had darkfield blood tests on the same morning and they got a chance to see each other's blood. One had very low white blood cell activity and some infection, but her red blood cells were not too bad. The next had better white blood cell activity, but the red blood cells were not well formed, in fact, they were in very bad shape. The third had targets in his red blood cells and probably parasites in his blood. They had three different types of cancer and different cancer histories.

The first had had a mastectomy ten years ago and a recurrence. The second had a basal cell carcinoma on the nose, and the third had both squamous and basal cell carcinomas that had been operated on eight times over the last 15 years.

A few days later, a fourth patient came, also suffering from a recurrence following a combination of surgery and strict diet using a mixture of Ann Wigmore (wheatgrass) and Max Gerson (juices). She had also been doing six coffee enemas a day for the last three years and had had no bowel movements aside from the enemas.
Despite her dedication to her treatment, she had serious rouleau (stickiness of red blood cells), a very high level of infection, and not a single normal white blood cell. She was in serious pain and quite mentally defeated.

I was what you might be called the "fly on the wall," taking my turn looking into the microscope at the office of local doctor.

My mind goes crazy with such experiences because I would like the opportunity to run similar tests on hundreds of people and compare their protocols and diets to their blood and cancer histories, but alas, I am just the "fly."

Suffice it to say that each person needed different food and different herbs to correct the underlying problems -- which, of course, one hopes will alleviate the malignancies as well.
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Posted on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 04:26 pm:   

Part II

The next point I wanted to make is about diet and energetics.

Many of you are avoiding milk and all other dairy products. I have never seen any research to support the need for this measure of avoidance. In fact, according to many researchers, quark, cottage cheese, and yoghurt may actually be good for some people.

This said, one must keep in mind that many milk products are laced with growth hormones and antibiotics and a host of other things we do not actually want to ingest.

. . . which bring me to soy milk and soy beans.

As some of you know, there is a massive economic effort on the part of corporations to control agriculture by finding some way to patent seeds. The key, as they see it, is genetic engineering. I am personally rabid on this subject because I do not think we can even begin to predict the impact of mixing of genetically modified plants with native varieties, such as my beloved herbs. This cannot be prevented due to pollination and so forth.

More than half the global soybean crop is produced from genetically modified soy beans. Only one soy milk company has gone out of its way to convince the consumer that it is using organic, non-GMO soy beans. These crops are planted in Australia, Japan, Canada, and Brazil and they dominate the agriculture of those areas.

Add rape seeds, used for making canola oil, and the picture is frightening. Survival of the fittest therefore involves wise consumer choices and a capacity to adapt to the new insults our bodies face with each year.

Top off these words of caution with the fact that soy beans are "vatagenic." This means that they tend to aggravate the air element. We all know they are hard to digest--and no attempt to digest them should be made without ginger and other spices--but many do not understand that whereas milk does tend to produce mucus (but not fermented milk products), soy produces gas and internally winds that can be disturbing.

Those who are groggy and need more stimulation may do very well on soy products, but nervous people may find that such foods put them over the edge.

A word to the wise.

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Penny Cheesley
Posted on Tuesday, July 18, 2000 - 03:40 am:   

I must say I had a little smile to myself when reading the above information re milk products, soy and rape seed. I guess I should say, "No wonder it took me three years following acutely traumatic events, to stop shaking and suffering acute anxiety". Having Moon/Uranus conj. in Taurus on MC natally and transiting Pluto opposing that lot ten years ago, I thought I was doing the right thing to reduce the excess Air. I guess the power of my mental determination to get through that period of my life, helped my body to respond positively, eventually. Energetics - yes!

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Posted on Thursday, July 20, 2000 - 01:48 am:   

Uh, huh!

So, Moon in Taurus is basically earthy, which is a big help, but the Achilles heel is Uranus which is windy.

The other problem with these genetically modified foods is that many are allergic to them. It's difficult to determine the extent of the allergy because in official circles, "there is no reason to be wary" of these new Frankenfoods. In normal language, this means that Monsanto has paid handsomely to make officials accept their version of the story. They are the only ones with the technology to police their own inventions, all of which begin with fast mutating viruses.

In any event, when tested for an allergy, the test may or may not involve the GMO version of the food. Consumers are asking for labeling that would divulge whether even one ingredient of a product containing many ingredients may contain a GMO food or its derivative. In Britain, where after mad cow disease the Government cannot risk another scandal, imports of GMO foods have been banned until more is known about them.

So, it's wise to go organic and then still do a double check!

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