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Parasite infection is a very common problem that often goes undiagnosed. Becoming aware of the symptoms and resolving complaints may set the stage for better health. There is much more material on parasites on Kitchen Doctor. You will even see some amazing photographs of blood parasites.

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Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2001 - 10:31 pm:   

In reading about your dedication to the development of internal products for the treatment of cancer, I thought you might be interested in some information I found in Dr. Norm Shealy's book, Miracles Do Happen. Under cancer treatments, Norm mentions a new concept reported by Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D., in her book, The Cure for All Cancers, ProMotion Publishing, 1993.

Dr. Clark has a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Minnesota as well as a naturopathic degree. She believes that cancer is caused by a parasite, the human intestinal fluke, Fasciolopsis buskii. She also believes that there are other parasites that cause other diseases. Three herbs that she believes can rid a person of more than a hundred types of parasites are: black walnut hulls (the hulls must be prepared from the green state), wormwood from the Artemisia absinthium herb, and common cloves. The cloves kill the eggs, while the wormwood and black walnut kill adult and developed middle life cycle stages of the parasites. Although she claims that cures are sometimes effected in as little as five days, patients must take these herbs for life in a maintenance program. She lists a hundred cases with brief reports of cures using her regimen. I hope this information can be of help.

On a more personal level. When I asked if you knew a physician in the Dallas area that could supervise treatment, you mentioned "someone" in San Antonio that could help. Is this person a physician? Also, I read on your web site that you have a product that is not as caustic and does not result in the pain associated with many salves today. Are you selling that product or only making it available to those persons wanting to participate in research? Is the formula for this product in your book? I ordered the book last Sunday but, it hasn't arrived as yet. After reading the information on your web site, I realize I have done some things wrong in the past—like stopping a treatment due to pain (not because the pain was unbearable but rather because I thought it was a sign that the herb was too strong).

Thank you again for the work you are doing.

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Posted on Tuesday, May 01, 2001 - 10:32 pm:   

Dear Diane,

I hope you don't mind that I am posting most of your letter. I think it will help others as well. I am looking for reliable information on parasites. There are lots of "stories," but I would like to know how much faith to put in them and how to interpret what practitioners and patients say on this subject. Most people probably do have some creatures living in their bodies that are in excess of what is healthy. Bringing the body into balance should help this enormously. There are many kinds of balance to consider: pH of the blood, urine, and so forth; blood sugar balance; emotional poise; etc., etc.

Most people eat way too much sugar. This subject is covered on the Kitchen Doctor tapes— these are really very important. In a nutshell (not necessarily a walnut), the per capita consumption of sugar is now around 144 pounds per year in the U.S. This compares to 10-12 pounds a hundred years ago. Sugar creates conditions that favor the development of parasites, microorganisms, and tumors. Balance is achieved by drastically reducing the intake of sweet foods and increasing the intake of bitter and pungent foods.

Ask the acupuncturist you are seeing to explain the Chinese theory of parasites. I think she will say that bitter herbs promote the flow of bile and that the bile is what actually destroys the parasites, not a poison, such as wormwood—though the Hulda Clark formula is quite traditional among Western herbalists.

The clinic I referred to in San Antonio uses enzymes to destroy the parasites, and they described to me a rather wide variety of truly shocking creatures. Someone mailed me a photo of something similar to this after using an herbal bolus (vaginally) for only five days

I believe that many people are suffering from parasite infestation, but it is difficult for me to interpret the stories. It is possible that some parasites are just like maggots: they clean up debris and then somehow disappear when the job is done. Others may actually deprive the patient of nutrients by having first choice at meals. I am trying to obtain reliable clinical data and products that are less stressful on the patient. Some vermicides are poisonous to people as well as the parasites.

Balancing intestinal flora is a start. I will post a page on this so that people understand why this is important. I will also post information on parasite protocols. It goes without saying that some people will not be able to self-diagnose much less treat certain conditions so expert assistance may be appropriate in many situations.

Good luck and keep us informed!
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Posted on Monday, May 21, 2001 - 05:59 pm:   

The above two posts were written a number of years ago. Since then, I have read over 3000 pages on parasitology from medical texts.

It is estimated that 3.5 billion people are parasitized to some degree or other. Because the pharmaceutical medicines are so extremely toxic, most infections are ignored unless it is determined that the parasites are more dangerous than the drugs that might be used to eliminate them.

Laboratories in the U.S. are notoriously incompetent when it comes to finding parasites so a negative report means almost nothing . . . but a positive test result is significant.

I do not necessarily share Hulda Clark's emphasis on either parasites or the particular fluke that she believes is the cause of so many diseases. This said, I do not deny the existence of the fluke nor believe it to be harmless. I just see a larger picture.

A chiropractor who had been fighting brain cancer for 12 years described his use of the black salve to me. In desperation, he applied the paste to his forehead and burned a hole in his bone the size of a silver dollar. He said, "varmints" were crawling out. I asked him what he meant. He said, "they look like slugs." The pain was extraordinary and he went to ER, but golfed two under par a day or two later. He remains well to this day so I have been forced to become a believer.

It's just that there are many types of parasites, some more dangerous than others. Since taking up this study, I have also come to suspect that toxic metals hold parasite populations somewhat in check. Therefore, if a patient has mercury amalgam fillings removed, the parasites tend to become more active. We know that candida albicans worsens after the removal of amalgams, but my sense is that most parasites become more active.

I have now tried many different parasite protocols, everything from the basic Clark regime (which I feel is too simplistic) to protocols from Africa and Asia where parasites are better understood and taken more seriously.

Sacred Medicine Sanctuary offers a wide selection of these, some of them very safe even for children, but it would always be better to test for the existence of parasites rather than to assume on the basis of symptoms that parasites are the cause.

There are some pages on this site and many on another of my sites devoted to parasites:
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Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 01:08 pm:   

Hello Ingrid
I have read your book and have used scrophularia for a lymphatic sweleling in my left leg that i've had for 5 years as a result of a blod clot.
My sister has brain cancer and I'm wondering about the application of the salve to the skull area. Based on the above I assume the forehead is a good place? Any suggestions in this regard would be appreciated.Thank you Barbara
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Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2002 - 10:27 pm:   

I wonder about several things here. Blood clots are very tricky. If they break down properly, that's great. If they move, that's not good. We carry a female reproductive system product that is blood thinning, but whenever using such products, it is important to monitor the clot to make sure it is not heading for mischief.

As for the brain tumor, take a look at:

You can use the salve on a part of the head near the tumor or you can take one of the salves that is safe for internal consumption, but I have almost no experience with this. I know more people who have used the salve externally, on the skull. Whatever your sister does, it's really important to avoid sugar. Lots of people crave ice cream and other sweets and this seems to be lethal. The berberines cross the blood brain barrier so the products containing Oregon grape root, barberry root, and goldenseal will reach the brain.

I wish both of you the best.
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Posted on Sunday, December 01, 2002 - 05:14 pm:   

would you use bloodroot on scabies or on psirosis.

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Posted on Sunday, December 01, 2002 - 05:16 pm:   

does bloodroot work as a cure for psriosis and scabies?
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Posted on Thursday, December 05, 2002 - 12:36 am:   

I honestly do not know. My experience with bloodroot is that it is more effective with conditions that are viral. It does not seem to be hugely detoxifying nor does it seem to raise white blood cell counts. We aren't sure exactly how it works, but it is not the first thing to try. Basically, I believe one should try all the milder approaches before taking out the cannons.
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Posted on Friday, May 07, 2004 - 10:02 pm:   

Dearest Ingrid
Thank you so much not just for your work but for the very elevated and noble inspiration behind it. Surely you must be receiving the blessings of many many people, myself included.

After decades of strange and persistant spells of poor health,a diagnosis of parasite, infection, food allergens, leaky gut, Hashimoto disease, adrenal burnout etc has been made. The identified parasite is: blastocystis hominis - moderate. The naturopathic doctor I have found has created the following regime: ADP (Product by Bioticsresearch; primarily made of Oregano oil); Paracide Forte (by Orthomolecularproducts; made of Artemesia Annua 175mg, Olive Leaf Extract 110mg, Oregano Leaf Extract 85 mg, Grapefruit Seed Extract 75 mg, and Goldenseal Root 60mg); Articin and Florabiotic 16.

I am 52 years old and have been travelling to India and the middle east since I was 17. Its likely that this problem started that long ago. For the last 25 years I have only used alternative methods to help with a variety of symptoms. All conventional treatments proved always far too harsh. I've learned that I am extremely sensitive to treatments -- I usually end up taking 1/4 the normal adult dose of any remedy -- homeopathic, auyuvedic, chineese, etc -- and body workers work on me like they would with a baby. I've never been able to get very far on any kind of de-tox routine as the side effects were intolerable. I am extremely sensitive energetically, too.

I returned to conventional medicine recently (for all sorts of tests) because as of last July these 'bad spells' have taken over my life and I can hardly function. I was glad to get a clear diagnosis (as far as western medicine goes, that is) of what is wrong with my body. Thanks to this picture, I feel I can now proceed with some deep healing, as opposed to alleviating symptoms temporarily, which is what was probably happening up to now.

I am very motivated to address my condition, but only semi-confident about my doctor (mostly because I don't know him. He was recommended to me by another dr) However, I am very concerned about the potential side efffects of some of these herbs -- the die off, etc. The doctor was very casual about it and I don't think he knows ways of supporting me as I go through it, beyond what he's already perscribed.

What do you think of this regime that this Dr. is proposing? Would you recommend anything else by way of supporting me through the healing crises? I came across your article on Artemesia Annua while researching his treatment plan, and so would be very appreciative of anything you could suggest.

Again, many thanks, in peace and love, shari
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Posted on Saturday, May 08, 2004 - 12:40 pm:   

Oh, I feel like I know so much about you, but Anon is not the way to address you. Namakar!

On another of my web sites, I have a lot of material on parasites, and it is constantly being augmented. You can take a look at

The longer response is that parasites really are a problem. There was a fabulous program on the Discover Health channel some months back. In it, there was a statement to the effect that two-thirds of all people who ever lived on this Earth died of malaria. That was staggering, but we pause for a moment to realize that almost everyone has been bitten at one time or another by a mosquito, it's not too impossible to believe.

Hulda Clarke focused a lot of attention on intestinal parasites, especially liver flukes, but I have been much more interested in blood parasites. The reason for mentioning this is that Artemisia annua is traditionally used in the treatment of malaria. Since that research was published, I have spent a little time getting to know this herb. I have to say, I have a lot of respect for it at this juncture, and a number of people have written to say they wished they had found it sooner, especially for their animals.

In its herbal form, it is well tolerated, easily within the sensitivity parameters you described. This said, everything is comparative. When I was in Germany, I found that most of the formulas worked as they were purported to work, but the question is the process. For instance, artemisinin is a very potent chemical as compared to the herb form of Artemisia annua. Some people would probably overreact.

You may appreciate an old Tibetan teaching to the effect that when an herb is used in its natural form, it contains not only the powerful factors that destroy the "enemy" but also the factors that protect organs from damage while the treatment is underway.

In your case, this is extremely important, first because I intuit that you have grasped this issue, but also because Artemisia annua, in its whole form, protects the body from anemia while the parasites are being killed. My own formulas, which are available on Kitchen Doctor or through Sacred Medicine go one step further. They protect from hemorrhaging and excessive blood clotting as well as providing the support needed for a healthy immune system and regeneration of the ravaged tissues.
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Posted on Wednesday, February 02, 2005 - 12:26 am:   

Hi Ingrid,

I am interested in ordering your new parasite products, but could not find the ingredients on your website. Could you please tell me what is in them?


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